1. Janet Sauve

    It would be helpful if you have suggestions regarding alternatives. So often we go to things like this because it’ the only place we can go.

  2. Donna

    I have had sozo ministry and purchased the materials. I have never experienced the things you quote and have had continued healing from allowing the Spirit of God to reveal lies I have believed deep in my sub conscious mind. No one but God could know what I thought as a child and believed. It was from listening to God speaking during those sessions that I uncovered where I had been deceived. I know the Spiritual leaders who introduced and taught sozo to me for over thirty years. They walk in truth and holiness. There will always be those who will try and distort the moving of the Holy Spirit and those who mix flesh , and false doctrine to damage the integrity of Gods church and leaders.
    I personally am sick of the division and slander that causes prejudices among us. Is it any wonder the lost go somewhere else for help. I understand where we must discern and test the spirit but much of what is written is from people making personal judgements. You should always be sure that you know all the facts before speaking for or against. I hope that we all agree that God stills speaks to His children. As well as using scripture to give us instruction. Peace

  3. Ettien van Vuuren

    I have been doing sozo for 7 years as a 1st chair and have never experienced what you describe. Sin and lies we believe stand between us and God. By forgiving and renouncing these lies , one corrects whats wrong and God reveals Himself in spirit. I have hundreds of testimonies and stand by sozo. Blessings. Ettien

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