1. Jeffry

    What a in-depth, fact finding article. Thank you Carl. Spiritual Perestroika in America. A melting pot for society and the individual himself. A new age/ new spirituality universally embraced by all World Religions to save the world. A Marxist/Socialist/Communist/Society coupled with New Age and Mysticism. Gorbachev’s new thinking in Oneness. God in Everything. Universal Deity and Universal Oneness. New Age Apostate Barbara Marx Hubbard’s purpose to “facilitate the new way of thinking and acting to the awakening going across the planet.”Gods Dream? Global Family. A New Consciousness. How close are we to the Rapture? Sadly, America’s Church has been infiltrated by Apostate teaching for many years. Pastors please preach The Word. Preach the Gospel! Christians please get out of that Apostate Assembly that does not teach from the Bible. Following the Rapture ,anyone who has heard the gospel and has not trusted The Lord Jesus Christ as Their personal savior will be left behind. In Second Thessalonians chapter 2 the Bible tells us God will send a Strong Delusion to all those who rejected Christ and they will take the mark of The Beast on their hand or forehead. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Oneness? New Agers? One world religion? One world Government? Satanists are pushing right now to put a mark on your hand for the new digital way to do banking. What about this new vaccination for this pandemic? I pray that are Heavenly Father will give us help in these last days

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