1. Rev. Suzanne Cole Wages

    To deny or redact the influence of “God Calling” from “Jesus Calling” is disingenuous and either boarders upon or is most definitely plagiarism. While I admire the anonymity of the “authors” of “God Calling” – if it influenced Sarah Young in her writings, it should be named. When I first saw “Jesus Calling” in stores, I was disturbed by the lack of connection made by the author, Sarah Young, to the decades old “God Calling” spiritual companion and took it as an affront to seek personal gain from the works of those who sought to remain anonymous. I finally broke down and purchased one of Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” books on sale and was terribly troubled by her introduction that gives absolutely no mention of the A.J. Russell edited book, “God Calling.” While I do not doubt Sarah Young’s personal revelations and walk with Christ, I am troubled by why she would deny or redact the influence of “God Calling” when she goes into great detail in regard to inspiration of “her” book. Dare I say that if A.J. Russell or the anonymous 3 writers of “God Calling” were alive today that they would have the right to quite the plagiarism argument. I will seek to engage Sarah Young’s writings with an open heart, as I read along with it my faithful “God Calling” companion.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    There is an author called Marie Chapian who seems to be imitating Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling. These daily devotions are called Talk to Me, Jesus and Walk with Me, Jesus. The author is pretending to be Jesus in these devotions. These devotions are called daily meditations from the heart of God. Very troubling. A neighbor gave me these devotionals.

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