1. CW

    I have read those books by Anita Dittman and Diet Eman; they are excellent books which tell the whole truth, not only about the rage of the Nazis, but also the goodness and faithfulness of the LORD in the midst of such horror. Corrie ten Boom’s books (she wrote many) are also an excellent source of knowledge from someone who was actually there. As more and more Holocaust survivors grow older and die, it is more imperative than ever that we keep their writings before us at all times. I had a relative who fought in WW2 and who saw a concentration camp himself in the closing days of the war. The ovens were still smoking, bodies were piled like cordwood in trenches, and he never forgot that as long as he lived. He once met a Holocaust denier and immediately refuted his unfounded denials. As these people pass on, it is vitally important that we not allow the truth of the Holocaust to be forgotten or denied.

  2. Anna Rosa

    When people don’t know history, that is when it is bound to repeat itself. And the signs are everywhere.

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