1. Jaz

    I’m a little late to the conversation. I found this looking up information on Taize. Wanted to say that Catholics do not believe that Christ is re-crucified at Mass. It’s the same sacrifice from 2000 years ago- he died once and for all, and this is emphasized in the prayers of the Mass. The same sacrifice is re-presented: to make something that was real in the past real again in the present.

  2. Lillia

    For news purposes:

    On FP Media there was a post about the state of Indiana and how the government wants to come in and take control over kids over the guise of mental health. One of the included items under ‘wellness’ is… you guessed it… eastern style meditation practices! Just go to that website and it is one of the items under today’s news listings if you want to post about that. It also said that it was spreading across the country as well and that government is seen as a ‘co-parent’.

  3. T. I. Miller

    The emissaries of deception are relentless.
    We must be ever vigilant ever boldly defending the faith.

  4. Nancy

    I heard twice from the pulpit in our Christian church that it was wrong of us to question the Catholic belief in transubstantiation and that we cannot truly know that it is not the body and blood of Christ. When I objected and questioned one deacon after church, reminding him of how many were martyred opposing the Roman catholic practice, the pastor and the deacon became angry with me. They said I was attacking this Deacon and was disrespectful. I apologized. But later my teenage son said that I disagreed but was very respectful. I guess they used this to silence me. Over the three years we attended, they promoted rosary beads, prayer shawls, and contemplation as well. So sad.

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    There is a Hispanic evangelical hymn that says Una Sola Vez, meaning only one time. Jesus lived, died and rose on the third day, only once. Taking the Eucharist does not change lives; only Jesus Christ can do that. Many who take the Eucharist live sinful lives, far from the will of God.

  6. Heidi Lavoie

    Back in 2002 while attending a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in my hometown in Ontario, the head of the district had written an article in a periodical put out by the district leadership, on communion. He wrote as if acknowledging and validating the Roman Catholic view of transubstantiation. This left me scratching my head and really being in a state of astonishment. How could a protestant/evangelical church support such a view? So this is something that has been creeping on for quite some time now, but now is so prevalent it is widely accepted in most of evangelicalism. The one world religion is now in its final formative stage.

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