Take the Test: Are You a New Ager?

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by Mike Oppenheimer
Let Us Reason Ministries

This may seem like an inconsequential question, even a silly question to ask, but many people may not know how involved they are in the New Age movement that has permeated our society.

In other words, do you believe or practice what is taught in the New Age movement without knowing it?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you believe God is a force–that God is all things (pantheism) or that God is in all things (panentheism)?
  • Do you believe in karma and reincarnation as Hindus or Buddhists do?
  • Do you believe life is not real but just an illusion and the real world is unseen?
  • Do you believe that all religions and spiritual paths lead to the same place and are acceptable to God (universalism)?
  • Do you deny a moral standard for all people that is understood by our conscience or the law given to Moses?
  • Do you believe that all holy books are given by God at different times?
  • Do you believe that all religions and spiritual beliefs are based on or point to the same God who is known by different names?
  • Do you think Jesus was an enlightened master like many others? That he discovered God by realization of what is inside Him?
  • Do you believe we can leave our bodies and visit other realms through psych spiritual techniques or dreams?
  • Do you believe  we can come in touch with God through Yoga or mantra meditation?
  • Do you believe that man can pass onto you by touch, a spirit, or gift?
  • Do you believe that ghosts are people that once lived and are trying to communicate with us?
  • Do you believe space aliens are visiting to give us knowledge for the advancement of human kind?
  • Do you believe that spirit beings from other dimensions are desiring to channel to us information?

If you believe any of these, you are involved to some degree willingly or unwillingly with the New Age.

If you believe any of these as a Christian, then you are accepting beliefs and practices that go against the faith that is to be focused on Jesus Christ. 

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  1. Lydua

    Many thanks to Lighthouse Trails that helps us identify new age books, authors and colleges to avoid due to their wrong stances. I am so grateful for your strong stance because I know it’s not easy but your reward will be great. Thank you and may God continue to guide you into all truth in Jesus Name.

  2. Sara

    No to all of that. By the grace of God. Prayers for all those who are being taught lies.

  3. Michael

    Since I’m typing with my little phone I can’t go into great detail.
    When giving the parables of the kingdom of heaven Jesus Himself establishes the interpretive framework. In all, a good and bad are presented. The parable of the woman and leaven is most interesting. Biblically, leaven is always used in a sense of bad or evil doctrine, it permeates and corrupts. It’s also the last parable. The New Age and gnostic doctrine has fully leavened the church today. Even churches with sound doctrine do not appoint members according to gifts imparted by the Holy Spirit for the edification of All! Their love is not brotherly but superficial on the surface.
    Pastors have forgotten what the word pastor means. Leaders should be first and foremost servants. When pastors don’t have time for the people, the body of Christ, something needs to change. Tares are given the position of teaching Bible studies. I might be on a tangent but I’m right and my witness is true. A word of advice and warning to everyone in ministry – it’s not about you. It never was. If we can’t learn to esteem other’s more than ourselves, the direction of this Laodicean church can’t correct course in weightier matters.

  4. Moi

    re: positive thinking.
    A friend (recently come to Christ from new age beliefs), immediately said that what the pastor had said was ‘Gnostic’.
    If you search for the phrase ‘positive christianity’, the association might shock you.

  5. Moi

    Totally agree with Jamie in Illinois. This nonsense has infiltrated the church for the past few decades. It is anti-scriptural, discriminatory, cult of personality and juvenile playground behaviour. Has it come from so-called ‘science’ of ‘psychology’?
    A few weeks ago preaching from Matthew, a pastor used Matt 4:23-25 to say that Jesus was ‘light, bright, attractive’ and ‘fun to be around’, then ‘We all know people who are killjoys don’t we, and we try to avoid them’. Like being back in the school playground! (This in a ‘traditional’ church, not a ‘word of faith’ one).
    Never mind that when Jesus ‘set His face like flint’ to Jerusalem, and death that they all left Him. Not so ‘fun’ then?
    What about when He was sweating blood in Gethsemane, or when He was being tortured, beaten and brutally killed?
    It beggars belief.

  6. jamie in illinois

    Don’t forget the power of positive thinking/law of attraction.. I want to scream when someone tells me to be positive! I was at a church one time where prayer requests were made for a lady with cancer. The following Sunday, a report was given she had a better week. The female “pastor” actually gave glory to Norman Vincent Peale from the pulpit about the power of positive thinking. I almost stood up and threw a hymnal at her!!

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