1. Ann

    It is amaxing to me as a consumer I am faced with so many choices. We are inundated with choices in this country. So, my question is this:
    If we as Christians have choices why are we choosing to give our money to organizations that are against God and the family?
    Recently, there was a great outcry regarding a person who imitates a woman on you toob
    and they chose the person to be a spokesperson for their product. Well, the men would Not have their sacred cow be tread upon!
    oh no!! the outcry was ” Boycott this abomination!!”
    it was all over the conservative news sites. IF only these men in our society would show as much zeal against the things that God cares about. I believe this nation would have a chance…
    And gentlemen, if you think I am being unfair. Go ask your wives, if they think men have left the fight against teaching and training up our children, or going to school board meetings, or having a talk with an out of line teacher or principal at their child’ s school in regards to what is being taught to their children.
    God called men to lead. That is not up for debate or a suggestion. A spiritual vacuum has been left due to men not taking up the Words of God and being Priest and Prophet in their own homes. They have bought the lie. And now our society is suffering as a result. Not all Christian men are lacking in this. But the majority are. Most Pastors are saying that they cannot get men to be faithful to come to prayer meetings, church projects,witnessing,Bible studies
    Yet many women show up and are faithful carrying the spiritual loads that are meant for both to share. We are a nation that is raising man boys, selfish,boastful, proud, having a form of godliness yet denying the power therein.
    I sound like I am bitter?, no not bitter
    but repulsed by the lack of Love and Faithfulness by those that God has called to be the spiritual leaders and protectors of home and country!
    And I believe the next generation is doomed as a result of the negligence of such men.

  2. Barbara Mayers

    Scouting is not safe for children anymore either! Parents, please be wise and investigate before allowing your children to join.

  3. Jeffry

    Take a moment and look at the flags on the White House. A new flag was put in the middle of all of American flags recently. Why? President Biden proclaimed LGBT Satanic control over the Dominion of earth. Biden was also in Washington D.C. to celebrate Pride Week.. How many children are raped or killed by these criminal perverts!!! Is this not an abomination to God and all of us? It is happening all over the world!!! How long will this go on? Thank God these innocent children killed will be in Heaven. Are we praying for them? America needs to repent now. Our world has gone insane.

  4. Jamie,
    This brings up a difficult dilemma. As believers in the times in which we live, our prayer must be: Lord show us how to live in the world, but not of the world. Boycotting can sometimes be effective, but sometimes it is not possible. But one thing we can always do is pray that we might be a light in a dark world – even if we go to Target or Walmart. But it is ever so painful and difficult to witness what is happening to our children.

  5. jamie in illinois

    Was in Walmart last weekend, there was a big center isle display of pride things. Where are we supposed to shop? While I don’t have a local Target, Walmart is all we have, they ran our local grocery store out of business. One has to eat. Wow is it going to be tough during the tribulation for folks coming in late to the party!!

  6. Lisa

    Should we be surprised by these things as we are heading for a tribulation? I’m actually waiting for lawlessness to continue increasing.

  7. M

    Woke-ism is totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is always, always, always evil. Therefore it is always anti-Christ, anti-Christian, anti-humanity, anti-freedom, and anti- everything that is good.

    Oh, and by the way, totalitarianism comes for everyone. There are no opt-outs. All must fully submit, or else.

  8. Elizabeth Bennett

    I am a retired public school teacher. These books and other activities were against the law in my day. It breaks my heart to see the dangers that all our babies and children and teenagers are exposed to right now. I do not go to Kohl’s, Target or buy cookies from the Girl Scouts anymore. My church has a Christian school with over 400 students; parents are desperate to protect their children in this wicked world. We must repent and return to the God of our fathers in America. The U.S. is the only nation in the world founded upon Judeo-Christian principles. When we abandon this morality our constitutional republic cannot function; we will be like any other nation full of lawlessness.

  9. Wayne Pavy

    People and/or companies that “target” our children in this manner are in fact at war against our children. They are at war against their innocence, their childhood and the wonderful view of the world all children should carry in their hearts.

    They are at war with the family unit. The safety, solitude, security and comfort the family home delivers to our children is under vile militant homosexual attack.

    Therefore all customers owe it to their children and to children everywhere to bring Target down. Finish it off completely. To shop as though never existed. And if necessary go to war against these and others that would dare corrupt our children.

    Let LGBTQUIXYZ be damned and the children go free.

    Wayne Pavy
    (Name included intentionally)

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