1. Sandy Cole

    There were only 1 to 3 things that I recall were not Biblical… So maybe TBN could either “crop” those words out of the episode(s) Or if Wm Paul Young &/or his “reps” are not ok with doing that, then simply remove those specific episodes entirely… (& If he or they’r still not good with doing that, then as the lady said in 1’v the comments prior to mine… Bye Bye “Restoring the Shack” Completely… Boo hoo some of us will miss @ least most of it… I PRAY THIS IS A USEFUL COMMENT, IN JESUS’ NAME, AMEN! THANKS

  2. A C

    Question: Are the 3 DVD offered on TBN exactly like the broadcasts, each containing promos? Would appreciate this information.

  3. April Anderson

    I am inspired by RESTORING THE SHACK. Billy Graham affirmed in every meeting the message of Jesus, “God loves you”. Censorship? The religious establishment tried to shut Jesus up and shut Him down. When that didn’t work, they tortured and killed him off. I’m am against censorship. Another good evangelical , Pastor Paul Graban, once said “While we may not agree with everything, take the meat and throw away the bones!”

  4. Lisa

    I must say that Iam a Pastors wife. I may not be perfect but every written word of the Holy Bible is my way, truth and life. The Bible’s says not too add or take away any of those Holy written words. And though the Shack is a lovely story of someone’s life story, I must remain faithful to Gods Holy word and instruction. We must be born again , that is stated in the written word of Gods Holy scriptures… I can not believe any thing more or less. If TBN decides to compromise the written words of God then sadly I will no longer be able to support there ministry. It’s about Jesus…. That’s it! His holy scriptures are the only truth, His blood paid for that….

  5. CJ

    I emailed many people the 20 episodes of “Restoring the Shack” because of the contents and what Mr. Young was relating though his experience with writing the book. The stories that have come out of people reading The Shack are really great. And Now I have been informed by TBN (an answer to my question, what happened to the 20 episodes of the Restoring the Shack}: Per our Production Department, a “Restoring the Shack” DVD package is being offered on the TBN website at http://www.tbn.org for a gift of $45. Since this offer is being made, the “Restoring the Shack” episodes will not be available on the website’s “videos on demand” in the future. So it seems a marketing strategy-making money off of the episodes. I don’t agree since it was offered originally as “Free” reviewing. Looks like their motive for this move is “Manna”- money.

  6. S. Caudill

    Restoring the Shack has been life changing for me, and to remove the series just because it challenges orthodoxy, leaves me to no longer support TBN. Stop the requests for financial support.

  7. Sarah Duncan

    Wm Paul Young’s episodes of Restoring the Shack have meant more to me, showed God’s unending pursuit of all, more than any one theologian. I am deeply distressed to be unable to find the daily episodes on TV or online. The enemy of our souls wants God’s message of love and relationship squelched. But fortunately the rocks will cry out before His message will be squelched!

  8. Cathy Duran

    I was watching those episodes. They were removed. The world needs to know God’s love, truly is unfailing.

  9. Kay

    I enjoyed the show “Restoring the shack”, the Bible clearly states, “You must be born again!! WE know that truth, so I will miss the show, but its ok we only want shows that truly are out of the Bible!

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