1. 'grandma' Jeanne

    wow…just read about Teresa of Avila. My mother gave me a middle name of Therese which she said was the Little Flower in Roman Catholicism. It’s not the same as Teresa of Avila. …thankfully.
    However, there must be some mysticism even in that name…..
    After I read Castles in the Sand, I gave it to my oldest granddaughter before she set off to Patrick Henry college in Va.

  2. Richard Youghn

    When prayer becomes painful, a time of sorrow and agony, it is time to seriously reexamine oneself because something is terribly wrong. Going forward is a fools errand. Teresa was no doubt severely mentally ill in a time when such illness made one either a village idiot or a saint.

  3. Vanessa Walters

    I have this book. Castles in The Sand. Very very good book. I re read it from time to time. Does an depth research on contemplative prayer.

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