1. Melissa

    My Dad was a Korean War Vet and at one time belonged to the American Legion. He quit when a woman took over the headship. He passed away a couple years ago but watched over the years how more and more women were grabbing leadership positions in many areas of life in the US. i.e.: Jezebel??

  2. Thankful for Like-Minded Saints

    Our vets deserve so much more. The American Legion would do far better to make sure every vet hears Jesus’ Words of love and eternal life. Why not encourage vets with God’s gracious, strengthening, and healing Words in the American Legion publications?

    a bit off the topic of mindfulness . . .

    Here is an encouraging sermon right out of God’s Word.


    “Why our church no longer plays Bethel or Hillsong music,” Pastor explains false teachings

    Stand up and cheer!

  3. Cindy

    God bless you, Lighthouse!!! I just googled the names/address of chapters that are within 100 miles of my house. There are 11 of them. I am going to order booklets and mail to each.

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    TM is a dictator’s dream. All the citizens of a country become zombies, idiots–easy to manipulate. As a Communist once said, uninformed citizens are useful idiots. Very sad that so many are doing this.

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