1. Beth

    Christ Redeems, Restores, and Renews. We must be faithful to deliver the Gospel not the Go SPELL. to people. It is God who gives the increase. This man had a heart for the lost and he was led to go,without giving any heed to his own safety. Like Jim Elliott and Nate VanSaint and the other men who died cruelly, BUT GOD, through this tragedy did work in the lives of those Indians in that remote place, and many came to salvation. Let’s pray that God will have the same outpouring of His Spirit to these who killed God’s messenger and that their hearts will be convicted unto salvation.

  2. Anna Rosa

    The blood of the missionaries and martyrs is never spilled in vain. Missionary work, evangelism, which can only be done by sharing the gospel, is what Jesus told us to do. It’s called “the Great Commission,” for those yet unfamiliar or babies in Christ, and can be found in Matthew 28 and Acts 1. That mandate stands until the return of Jesus. The one who hates it most is the devil, because he does not want lost souls saved. It’s that simple, and he has again, like with so many other aspects of the apostasy, deceived the gullible with another poisoned apple. In this also the devil is calling good evil, and evil good. But the true Bride knows better! Thank you for posting this in honor of this missionary!

  3. Bonnie

    Thank you for posting this timely and important article. I have read each of the books and articles you have mentioned and watched the DVDs. I highly recommend all of them. As a family with a member who is planning to go to the mission field to an unreached people group in a land hostile to Christianity, other Christians need to make themselves aware of this issue today and support these missionaries who are willing to go out to fulfill the Great Commission as Christ commanded to go into ALL the world and preach the gospel. Not every one of us can be at the front lines of the battle, but we can all play a supporting role, even if it means praying or giving to help those who are. Every job is important. The analogy may be one of battle, which the world resists, but the mission is love, which we, and they, must never forget.

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