1. Andrew

    It doesn’t help you better understand your proclivities. It uses conjecture and presuppositions to make the gullible feel like they’ve learned something about themselves. The International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences says this about typology: “Unfortunately, from the scientific point of view, nothing is explained if the state we have attributed to the person from his behavior, is then invoked as the cause of the behavior from which it was inferred. Circular explanations like this give the appearance of a genuine explanation that offers genuine knowledge. But it is only illusory.”

    Earlier in the same paragraph they refer to typology such as the MBTI and Enneagram as “a form of fortune telling and divination.”

    “The Enneagram is no serious scientific model. It belongs to the confusing and rapidly changing field of lay-psychology: it seems to be a flourishing trade. A psychologist who is a member of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists who works with the Enneagram, risks getting a complaint based on Article III.3 of the professional Code of Ethics, which is about expertise. For non-psychologists such restrictions of course do not apply. But as the Enneagram industry is making statements about our personality – which is subject to scientific research and a profession – we must call a spade a spade: it is simply nonsense.” – Wim Hofstee, Psychology Professor Emeritus. Your declaration of legalism is unfounded, experts do not recommend the Enneagram on any grounds.

  2. NickKingJamesBaptist97

    Wow you opened me up to how dangerous the enneagram is and it’s occultic New Age origins this is evil and absolutely demonic. I know my Bible teacher is a true Christian and speaks the truth of the Scriptures, but I don’t think she realized that this stuff was occultic and something involved in the New Age well now I know and I will tell her as well as I have completely deleted the app from my and will not be putting it back on my phone and I am also deleting my account.

  3. Michele Meola

    Thank you Lighthouse Trails for this information. I recently saw a mom’s type website founder who posted all about the Enneagram and how great and wonderful it was. I posted a comment about how it was unbiblical and posted the link to this article. Sadly she chose not to publish my comment. Makes me sad.

  4. Amber

    I am in the same kind of situation as I have watched our church descend into blatant false teaching. It is so heartbreaking.

  5. Linda

    I went to my pastor in 2010 for guidance about some very difficult issues in my life, and he directed me to a counselor who recommended the Enneagram and other Pseudo Psychology books. Our church had been descending into into all kinds of strange teachings before we left– after 30 years! Our present pastor is also being led down some deceptive paths. I did have to speak to him about Mark Batterson’s The Circle Maker. When I sent him some links about its weaknesses, he told me those who refute it have limited views. In seven years, there have been three pastors! I feel saddened that worship has become clouded by the need for discernment. My discernment continues to be aided by online resources like the Blue Letter Bible Institute online Bible courses and daily devotionals, Got Questions, etc. I am thankful that God has provided these resources and given me a mind to understand. He has opened my eyes to the truth in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Glory be to Him now and forever! God Bless your ministry.

  6. L. Sand

    I Timothy 4:1 refers to people who will stray from God’s truth and be deceived by “doctrines of demons”.
    “Now the Spirit [a]expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.” If you do a thorough honest research on the origins of the Enneagram, it was developed by people drenched in the occult. Even as it was developed from a mystical pagan numerology tool, into today’s so called friendly helpful personality tool, it was STILL developed by people who were occult-driven. So, my reply to people who are saying, what’s the big deal, why are you so afraid of this…… Please pay heed to 1 Timothy 4, do you REALLY. want to embrace and defend DOCTRINES OF DEMONS? Do you? Is not God’s Word sufficient? The denomination I am in right now, Evangelical Covenant, is going headlong crazy giddy into promoting the Enneagram and I am heartbroken over it. It is leading many astray.. In the flock of God, the Flock He gave His son’s precious blood for, so many shepherds are paying heed to these doctrines of demons embedded in the Enneagram. If you read the pro-enneagram materials, it is so easy to hear the pagan occult self-absorbed narcissistic demonic philosophy laced throughout. I just don’t understand how our leaders and shepherds don’t recognize doctrines of demons. Please please please, be aware of the roots of this and stay with God’s Word as sufficient. There are also ample warnings in Colossians about not falling camptive to empty worldly philosophies. Can our leaders and shepherds not see this? Please wake up, Church.

  7. CW

    Yet another trojan horse in the Body of Christ today. Sad and tragic. The fruit will be nothing but destructive.

  8. Mike

    I’m confused, is everyone saying it is bad just because some people use it in occultish practices? I think I’m missing exactly what makes talking about how different people think a work of Satan. Is there any reason in the enneagram itself, or is it just guilty by association?

  9. John J

    The “journey of the soul”? That’s New Age talk, Marilyn. And I know nothing and care nothing about Trump. How did you get to him in your comment?
    And the sins reference? Listen, our sins are not ‘covered’ as many believe because some major man-made cult tells them that. Jesus took away the sins; gone, no more, and no more condemnation for the person in Christ (pardon me for repeating this bit again; I’ve said it before too).
    The Enneagram is a New Age novelty, as simple as that. File it under “over it,” move on and tell lost souls that there is only one hope for them, Jesus Christ: Not the church, not charity, not sitting in a weekly Sunday club, not being a church member, not volunteering all over the place, not “biblical” counseling, not Mary, not Paul, not tithing, not “spiritual leaders”, not Oprah and her gangs, not “oneness,” not baptism, not communion . . . but calling on the name of Jesus Christ ONCE and accepting his gift ONCE. Then the Holy Spirit WILL fill you ONCE as God promised. And this spirit will not “grow.” Our understanding of God will grow and we will know the truth, once and for all.\
    I was saved in 2000; I don’t need to be saved again, ever again. It’s done; now, if that’s not something to feel good about on this nonsense day of happiness (another useless worldly tradition), then nothing is worth anything.
    So, please, move over the Enneagram; it’s a novelty . . . like a one-colored Rubik’s cube (yes, I have difficulty completing even those). Smiles.

    Blessings, Marilyn

  10. Marilyn

    What is everyone so afraid of? Why are you so unwilling to better understand your proclivity toward specific sins? A lot of legalistic, self righteous, fearful thinking that stifles the journey of the soul. Aren’t you the same people that defend the current US President, Trump? Jesus has said that He doesn’t know you and to go away from Him.

  11. John J

    No, in the life of the born-again Christian it has no place. It’s foreign; it’s New Age. Move on and spread the Gospel that saves through the one-time death of Jesus Christ.

  12. Elizabeth Bennett

    The Enneagram sounds like the daily Zodiac readings. Part of the occult and fortune tellers. We should not participate in these things as believers. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob forbids it over and over again in the Bible.

  13. So many people, lay and leaders, talk about being knowledgeable about themselves and others, yet they do not seek discernment from Christ. So in turn, they are ignorant and susceptible to every new wave of doctrine/teaching/book that comes their way.
    Jesus has become a convenient way to avoid Hell, but God will not be mocked. The Bible is a feel good book (when needed) but bothersome when the reader is feeling convicted…again, God will not be mocked.
    God, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are Holy…but many do not really understand the meaning. I think they believe it means better than us; and that’s it.
    A true believing Christian and the life they should lead is slowly becoming lost. They depend on other books (other than the Bible), unfamiliar people (other than their pastor or trusted believers), other ways that seem right to them (other than Christ alone) to achieve a true relationship with God and right living.
    Is it that hard to pray, read God’s word, and trust Him?
    No…but the straight and narrow is apparently unwanted.

  14. D L Wells

    It really baffles me that when someone brings something to another Christian’s attention they are so quick to respond rather than praying about it, searching Scripture and trying to see the other perspective as possibly being right. Instead the need for the young pastor’s wife to be “right” was greater than her need to do what was right.

    On Instagram, I follow a younger (than I) woman who works in a women’s ministry known all over the country. She had a necklace that was her Ennegram and she was proud of it and discussed it openly. I wrote her a private message and said that Ennegrams are not Scriptural and because she has a significant influence on a great number of women who follow her, she needed to read about (article attached to my note) this and be aware. She thanked me and said she’d take a look at it and in months she was not only wearing the necklace but talking up Ennegrams too.

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