1. Eric Young

    There are documents being used by governments that include advice by behavioural psychologists which advise the use of media to create fear as an enabler to make people conform to the demands. There is a virus but there is no need to fear it anymore than a bad case of a flu virus. Those whose immunity systems weaken with age and those with underlying health conditions we are told are the vulnerable and death figures prove it. We also know, as fact the, those dying of other causes but have a positive test for Covid are being labelled as a Covid-19 death to boost figures. Medical experts speaking against the narrative are being silenced and blocked from all media, this in itself should send a warning light to all. Then there is the World Economic Forum whose founder wrote a book on The Great Reset 10 years ago and they are using this virus to introduce the reset and the onset of a digital economy. Identity 2020 is another Bill Gates funded initiative going back to 2016 which aims to have everyone digitally I.D’d by Autumn 2020 and this involves vaccinations. Hello everybody, hello is the penny beginning to drop?
    Brexit and Donald Trump are the spoke in the wheels for their quest for world government, world cash system and a world church. Seems the bible is true after all.

  2. Dick Leppky

    Now we find out that the ‘big hope’ for a vaccine in Canada is being developed in partnership with China; which apparently is the government that our global citizen woke Prime Minister respects the most! The alternative may be a Bill Gates vaccine which might well include a permanent infertility dose, as he did in India.

    Historically, 90% of the ‘vaccine miracles’ for at least eight routine diseases were actually introduced after the infection rates had already dropped by 80%. (And yet, governments, big pharma, and global MSM manage to convince us that vaccines get the credit.) These UN/WHO/Fauci campaigns have been going on for at least 4 decades. It appears this time they may have come to that brainwashing point of convincing most of the world’ ‘sheeple’ to accept their NWO mandates. ……….. Maranatha!

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    I have read that the bodies of aborted babies are being used in 5 of the current vaccines being created around the world. I have seen this many times on postings by Christian lawyers who are defending Christian clients. Let me know if I am wrong. Very horrifying info!

  4. Jeffry

    Our Heavenly Father has given us a wonderful body. All day long our noses remove bacteria among other things to keep us healthy. Our Government has forced us to wear masks that is making our immune system become weaker to make us sick. The Patriot Act, because of the “pandemic” was put into action to take away some of our freedoms. Who are really the sick people?

  5. Sherri Azyan

    I have to say that LS is spot on. I couldn’t agree more. Very proud of my Canadian sister/brother. Fear is definitely rampant and I have heard of some who can’t cross provinces to go to their parents funeral.
    We’re still waiting for churches to open in our area so we can be with our fellow believers. Although there are stores and restaurants opening…but no churches ( at least not in our area). The media is definitely spinning its web of falsehoods…after all isn’t that what they’re paid to do. Fear is the word of the day for sure. In 2 Timothy 1:7 it says ” For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. God is in control even if the world is spinning out of control.

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    As a German newspaper wrote a few weeks ago, the lockdown of many countries due to the virus was a huge mistake. Some lockdowns in Dem-run states still continue in America. This command was straight from satan. The result has been the death or dying of our cities. The leftist riots here put the nail in the coffin. The spirit of humanity in people around the world has been sucked out. There is panic among many seniors who are now afraid to ever go out again or live a normal life with family. The best economy in the world has been shattered, but Trump is trying to jump-start our prosperity. Our only hope is in the Lord at this time, even though our church openings are restricted and limited. When will large choirs ever be able to sing again or sport activities resume? We are at the mercy of mayors and governors who are enjoying the huge power they think they have over us. Now Christian bakers can be sued even more with the Supreme Ct. decision, which is unconstitutional. I know that during end times things will get dark, but I did not know I would be experiencing it to this extent. America was founded by people who loved and reverenced the Bible and its Author–God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Let us repent and return to the Lord our Maker and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, our foundation. I weep for our nation. Lord help us!

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