1. Jeffry

    Satans Great Reset is the Destruction of Civilization. Destruction is pure Satanism. Satanists are in a Spiritual War against God. Satanism is anti-God. Satanism is not a religion. It’s god is dead! So what is the position of the Church? It’s calling, standing, hope, privileges, promises, power from God? The Bible tells us to preach the Gospel with loving kindness to all who will listen. Pray Pray and Pray for help from our Loving Heavenly Father who is still in control of all things. The time is NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Heidi Lavoie

    This has been something I have seen and taken note of since the beginning, that there are New Age personages “fighting the authorities” and there are “christians” joining with all kinds of religions and the New Age to “fight it” as well. There are churches that look to be biblical, but are really “restorationists” who think the Bride of Christ will be completely perfected here on earth before Christ can return, and the whole world will come under godly rule before He returns also. This is known as Dominionism and Reconstructionism also. Dave Hunt has an excellent book, “Whatever Happened to Heaven” where he deals with all of this. I know of a Restorationist church in my area who think this way and this theology will dove tail, tragically, with the New Age movement which says we will all be “awakened” and take a quantum leap into the new age together. They too join in with the new agers in protests. Sadly, when the true believers are taken up to meet their Lord in the air, as He promised, those who held to these false beliefs will be left to take their “quantum leap” and they will be deceived into receiving the Antichrist himself as their saviour.
    I highly recommend Dave Hunt’s book.

  3. E Leo

    amen! so much truth! it is very evident that so many professing Christians are joining with new agers, NAR dominionists, etc. in a “false light” rebellion against tyranny to save their comfortable lifestyles, without repentance or trusting in Jesus as Savior. He is all we need!

  4. GJ

    Thanks… I needed the encouragement. Along the same, I’ve lately been thinking about the following…

    As I was listening to some pre-tribulation rapture discussion, I wondered… is it important to know when Jesus Christ will return… what it will look like? Jesus told us we don’t know the day or hour, but He also gave us descriptions of what the approach to, and the actual event, will look like—that it seems to be during the “night watch”. If we don’t understand these things, will we be gullible for going to false christs in the desert, secret room, or “over there”… where deceivers proclaim the real Christ to be?

    This has been brought into clearer context with the current tyranny experienced throughout the world with the medical, science, and political arenas. There are doctors, scientists, and public figures whose positions on current events I agree with… however, some of these same people share speaking platforms with obvious mystical new age believing speakers at some events clearly hosted and directed by new age interests.

    In these turbulent times, this new age direction, along with NAR, dominionists, and other “take over and save the world for Jesus” groups, offer… if you join us, we can save ourselves—in other words, you can be your own god to establish your own salvation. This is obvious enough that… some secular people are starting to the question the ties some of these people have… they seem to be associated with the same organizations that the tyrannical abusers are tied to.

    Are these some examples of the false christs over there we’re to be aware of to avoid? Is this an example of why it’s crucial to understand what God’s Word declares about the last days… the end of this age?

    Jesus described… the person who is forgiven much, loves much… who is forgiven little, loves little.

    Does the Bible teach us… he who believes he is kept in Christ through much tribulation ending with the Wrath of God, trusts Him much… he who is kept through little, or believes he won’t suffer, trusts Him little? Along the same lines… if we don’t believe there is a Lake of Fire, we won’t believe there was a need for the Cross… and a need for the ascended and returning Lord, Savior, Redeemer, and Eternal High Priest, Christ Jesus.

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