1. Roy

    Please do not confuse “The Great Shutdown” with “The Great Purge.” Something important that you have missed is the active (and aggressive) censorship taking place within social media. In my own case, I had a ten-year-old Facebook page that had hundreds of posts, discernment ministry links and personal research notes carefully documenting false teachings and apostasy happening inside the church. I had included many scripture references to establish the actual Biblical truth of what ought to be in the church – but isn’t. Sadly, I logged into my Facebook account one day to find ALL of my posts, links and notes deleted by Facebook’s administrators on the grounds that I had violated Facebook’s deliberately vague “community standards.” Everything was gone – my Facebook page was completely emptied and my appeals went unanswered. Afterwards, nothing I posted would remain longer than a day, and I was repeatedly hit with 24-hour posting bans. Thus rendered inaccessible, Social Media became a complete waste of my time and I closed my account. This is not just restricted to Facebook. Twitter (now X) purged many Christian voices. Others sites like Daily Motion, Veoh and Vimeo are now nearly empty of Christian content. The Internet was once an amazing tool for preaching the Gospel to the world and God knows that I tried to us it to those ends. However, as governments push for a more censored Internet, our window of opportunity will close forever. “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” – John 9:4 KJV

  2. Carole

    If there are not as many likes on social media as there used to be, then perhaps it is a waste of time to be there. It is a fake society where only popularity wins, chasing after useless trends (knowledge or data increasing but decrease in underlying understanding or discernment). I see it as a sign of the times that there will be a famine – not of bread – but a famine of the Word of God as prophesied. A person to person (not digital, actually in-person) is how I believe the Lord ministers to people, we need to truly connect and not take the ‘viral’ worldly easy way of reaching people for the Lord. I rarely if ever got a Word from the Lord from a fb post – usually I get a red flag warning that someone is not discerning the truth behind what they are ‘liking’ . To take part in social media sometimes feels like casting pearls before swine (not that I’m trying to judge anyone that way) but I don’t feel called to participate in social media anymore except if someone contacts me person to person.

  3. jo

    One of the most frightening things God can do to anyone is to turn them over to themselves…one of the things we are seeing today is just that…these organized systems of religion that call themselves the Church are being run by themselves almost like Laodicea…most people in them do not even realize the Holy Spirit has departed from the place…I pray for those who are mislead and for God to open the eyes of His true ones…in the meantime, we pray, we study and we live out our faith…we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world…Maranatha !!!

  4. Donna

    Victor, what you said so resonated with me. I think many remnant, prophecy believing Christians feel isolated and worn down. Nobody (even Christians) seem to want to hear the truth about what’s really going on in the world and how all of what Jesus told believers to watch for (that will be beginning to come to pass just before He takes his Church home) is coming to pass. We need to stay close to Jesus and fill up with his Word and cast our cares on him. He will see us through. We can only pray and share the truth as we have opportunity. We can’t make people listen. Only God can help people do that.

  5. Gary G

    Bravo! I pray it is time that the solid, fundamental, devoted believers who are in the Seeker Sensitive Churches will realize such folly and break out of their easy rider “community”. It is hard, but must be done to stand up for Him. Fitting in over allowing Christ to build His Church has to stop. Take a stand and step up rather than perpetuating the modern day downgrade. ~Be a lighthouse on your own trail.

  6. Jim Franklin

    It seems to me that the reason for avoidance is that the majority of the populace deems the topic uncomfortable and they are avoiding such discomfort as something they just don’t want to bother their minds with such a topic.

  7. Anna Rosa

    When I first read the title and the mention of social media, I thought it had something to do with the internet and free speech being ‘shut down’ and that sort of thing. Anything can happen, and that possibility arose earlier also. Victor, It sounds like your church is already in apostasy. You are not obligated to go to an apostate church. ‘Forsaking not the assembling’ only refers to a Biblical assembly. If only apostate options exist, we should not be going there. If we lose our salt there, and especially if we feel like we are being weakened, we need to leave. That is exactly the effect of the apostasy, until one does not see heresy for heresy and sin for sin and has been swallowed up by it all. Keep warning them, if it is too draining, then just leave. I know where you are coming from in that regard. ( :

  8. T. I. Miller

    Many minds have been brainwashed into believing that truth is subjective therefore it is not worth defending. Learning doctrinal truths is hard and judgmental, they think. Thus the move away from creeds (orthodoxy) and towards deeds (orthopraxy) . lets all get along (false ecumenical ism) and (pantheism). Missional social justice not soul winning. Why study the bible (no longer relevant), simply learn by trance inducing mindfulness meditation (contemplative spiritual formation). The narrow road is hard and narrow minded but many paths (the broad road) is easy. Oh pastor please tickle my ears, or I will find a (pseudo) pastor who does.

  9. Jeffry

    God is long suffering and patient. Chosen Before the Foundation of the World Christians are Blessed with all Spiritual Blessings in Heavenly Places. We will one day be Like Our Lord Jesus Christ. The one Who loved Us and washed away are Sins with HIS OWN BLOOD. Our Father in Heaven knew before the Foundation of the World who would be Saved. How? Because HE IS OUR GREAT ALL KNOWING GOD. Puny Man says I understand God. Really? GOD LOVED THE WORLD. Romans 9:22 says man fitted Himself for Destruction. Some chose to reject Gods Son. Today many in America have chosen Darkness over Gods Light. Bad Doctrine is putting people to sleep and in Great Danger. If we believe The Lord Jesus is coming soon we need to sound the Alarm!! PREACH THE GOSPEL. WAKE UP CHRISTIANS.

  10. Tom and Katie Muench

    11Thess 2 Its called the APOSTASY We are earnestly to CONTEND for the doctrine ONCE delivered to the saints …Jude … you are right oh Victor …the apostasy will win out….the antichrist spirit is unceasingly at work…but those that are written in the Lambs book of life will NOT take the mark (and it isn’t physical) and will overcome by the blood of the lamb and the Word of his testimony…His word Quickens us as the Holy Spirit teaches it to us in TRUTH…peoples need to get their noses in the KJV if they are truly HIs people!!!

  11. nannette

    Amen! Part of fighting the good fight is remembering to give out the gospel (1 Cor. 15:1-4). In our ‘shut down’ and avoiding people we are not where we can minister to others. We are servants. Lets make our foreheads strong. Ezekiel 3:17-21, James 5:19-20. One child at a time what a beautiful sight it is! Dave Hunt use to say we need to focus on others. They are out there. Many need prayed for, they need groceries, they need the love of Christ. Jesus will send you to them. Blessings

  12. Bridgette Blumenthal

    Yes, the Great Shut Down is following decades of The Downgrade… the church is imploding with it’s focus on ‘inclusivity’ and other New Age streams.. the music is loud and unbiblical. One says, “Holy Spirit you are welcome here,.. come flood this space and fill the atmosphere’… another says, ‘we are desperate for your presence’ – referring to the HS again, The sermons are watered down and miss the point. I will speak truth when faced with error.

  13. Victor

    For me, the temptation to “shut down” is not from future shock overload but from the anguish I feel seeing those in the church (locally and regionally) who accept (or promote) the heresies (mainly forms of universalism) advancing through the church as it hurls itself towards apostasy! I’ve grown weary of being the “doctrine police” at church and admittedly bite my tongue or just stay away a little bit more frequently than I used to. Sometimes it’s hard enough just to keep my own amour on….and I’m tired of being angry with the enemy, frustrated with the brethren and fighting my own weaknesses. I suspect I am not alone. We all ( I hope) know what is happening and it’s like a finger in the dam. In the end apostasy wins (NOT REVIVAL). I can’t wait to go home just so I don’t have to stomach too much more of it, but I will fight the good fight and finish my course to get my crown and please my Lord. Even so Come Lord Jesus, Come.

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