1. Brenda Weber

    Lord help us to understand that our pain and suffering is never for nothing, for David it was training to be a king, for Joseph it was training to be the organizer of the worlds greatest food bank, no other training could have prepared them for what You had planed for the service they gave. Give us a bigger perspective along with our discernment so we can (go to school) with out grumbling and complaining as if it were all random misfortune you were heaping on us instead of a well planed education.

  2. CW

    How true this is, and how sad! I have learned firsthand the truth of the statement which Christ Jesus made, “A man’s enemies will be those of his own household.”

    Even families are divided these days because of the Truth of God’s Word which so often is not appreciated and received, even by professing Christians. Thankfully, the Lord leads me to pray and not give up, and that gives me hope. As long as there is life, there is hope.

    People complain about our nation being divided politically; very often they insinuate (or outright state) that it’s the fault of conservatives. But this political reality is rooted in the spiritual reality which is revealed in Ephesians 6, which shows us who the real enemies are.

  3. Jeffry

    Spiritual Discernment begins by trusting The Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. We need The Holy Spirit of God in us to help guide our path. Praying for discernment is our first step. We should desire truth from praying and studying God’s Holy Word. The Bible is our only answer to Gods Truth. Applying Truth is very important. Is it costly? We all agree it is. Sometimes we lose friends and loved ones who think we are crazy or hate what we believe and never talk to us again. It is truly a narrow path. Discipleship is not cheap. The Apostle Paul forsook all he had to preach the Gospel to the world. Most friends around him forsook him. He was beaten and jailed yet praise God for that Philippian jailer who will be in Heaven because the gospel was preached by Paul to him in that jail. Paul gave His life for our Savior. Do we pray for Gods help to bear our cross to the end? America seems to have “hit the iceberg right ahead”. All of us need to pray for wisdom, guidance and Discernment in these corrupt days we live in. Preach the Gospel.

  4. Allyson

    Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed this on quite a few occasions with an individual who refuses to acknowledge she has been and continues to be deceived. And, to make matters worse, recently discovered she’s also a “closest calvinist “.
    VERY troubling!!!

  5. Heidi Lavoie

    Yes, I have contributed comments to LHT on this issue before. I have seen it first hand when it came in an took over at my C&MA church in Ontario in the year 2000. It was unbelievable and heart breaking. The compromise is great, being ecumenical and espousing and embracing Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven agenda, Seeker Friendly Church Growth principles, contemplative spirituality, and social justice. Its the whole ball of wax which constitutes the apostate church. Believers still in churches like this need to get out.

  6. Robert Vulich

    The Charismatic-Penetecostal movement has done great damage. I lost most of my family as far as relationship to that group. They are like the prodigal son who wanted his inheritance now. They have no understanding of Dispensational theology or the dividing of the Word. The 4Square Church, started by a Aimee Semple McPherson, has wreaked havoc in my family due to their destructive teachings.

  7. John

    I am wondering if their is a lack of discernment in C&MA Canada. Are there many congregations that are having issues with what is coming down from nation, district and pastors who have come out of Ambrose. Teaching and preaching is far from Biblical, it seems. But not sure if it is isolated or not. Can you enlighten me.

  8. Kate

    With the gift of discernment, we learn to decrease as the Lord increases. Wisdom is the right use of knowledge and rightly applying what has been learned. I’ve been studying for years the infiltration of the NAR ideology into Western Christianity. A friend whom I have known for over 30 years, has been in an NAR church that is affiliated with Bethel school for sometime now. The beliefs come from quite the twisting of scripture; the most egregious I’ve heard is that after Jesus died He descended into Hell to get the ‘keys of the kingdom’!

    Not my Jesus!!

    Recently, I happened upon an article of someone who detailed their exit from an NAR church and so grateful the scales had fallen off of his eyes with the gaining of discernment. As I was reading it, this friend came to mind and the Holy Spirit just kept nudging me to send the article along to my friend. The backlash was immediate. I was told that I never knew this person at all and that I only study to be dangerous. Obviously, the words written by another hit a nerve!
    I still pray for this person to SEE.
    The friendship is gone now and the cost was great, But I was obedient to what the Lord wanted me to do. The seed of truth was planted, the Lord will water it as He provides and a harvester will come I pray. Open the eyes of the blind Lord.🙏🏽

  9. T. I. Miller

    Even solid believers can be led astray, just like the foolish Galatians. No one wants to readily admit that they have been duped. No one more so than the church elders. No matter how graciously you present the truth except blowback rather than appreciation. Just ask Stephen, Paul, Jeremiah just ask Jesus who was hated without a cause.
    If you study to show yourself approved and also boldly defend the faith remember that you live for Christ’s approval not mans.
    Don’t be surprised when those who have been duped are esteemed by the majority. This is yet another possible sign that the church is being tested by the great delusion. I look at big names with years of solid teaching that are stumbling off the narrow path. Tragically they have thousands blindly following them. Thus the warning that teachers will be judged more harshly.

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