1. Jeffry

    Are some American Churches trusting God or making sure we don’t offend our Satanic Government’s mandates for us? We live in dangerous times. History tells us most nations that fall happens following Spiritual problems first. Why? God was not in their thoughts. They trusted Man instead of God. We need to Pray Christians Pray. We need to Repent of our sins and get the Gospel to all that will listen about the love of God and kindly with a soft heart. Keep looking up. The Rapture may take us home any moment!!!

  2. Jeffry

    Dear Christians, it is time to listen: Republicans demand answers to Biden’s Blatantly Unconditional Plan to ‘promote Atheism to the Whole World’. Since Atheism is Satanism add Humanism , Marxism and Communism. A Satanist Agenda? To kill all people who believe in God? We Must Trust in the Lord with all our Heart and lean not in our own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct our path. Preach the Gospel while we still can. God Bless All of you. Watch and Pray. Help others in this time need. Even so Come Lord Jesus!!!

  3. Jeffry

    Excellent Article .Yesterday America celebrated the Day of Independence for America . People gathered for picnics, to watch fireworks and to thank God for His help? Were there any peaceful protests about our government taking away our freedoms? To tell them we do not want a war with Russia or China that may kill millions? To stop giving Millions of dollars to NATO for weapons of mass destruction? To not send our soldiers to Poland? Can Americans have peaceful protests without being thrown in jail? Christians need to pray for help in these evil days. Keep looking up! Watch and Pray!!!

  4. Mark A. Steiner

    Some believe the proclamations of Jeremiah are not relevant today; that they were reserved for the nation of Judah and the rest of the Old Testament prophecies. Not so. If there is a nation Jeremiah was crying out to for the present hour, it is the United States of America. Judgment is coming, and is already here, because America is now as Judah was then. You can count of the whole counsel of God to reach this conclusion.

  5. Marolyn Tocker

    True, the last day’s global delusion cannot be prevented, but I believe it can be stalled/braked if the body of Christ repents and does what God has called us to do!

  6. Wilma L Colclasure

    Lord, help us be obedient to what You have called us to do and help us stand in the perilous time that is coming upon the world. We ask it in the mighty name of Christ Jesus.

  7. Lydia

    God is faithful and true to His Word. We must read and believe the Word of God. The only truth. Amen.

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