1. T. I. Miller

    I have also noticed that all religions have minor or major connections to various faces and forms of mystical meditation. Practitioners end up in some state of meditative trance. They all communicate with a spirit being. The spirit beings always communicate pantheistic oneness with all of humanity and creation. Next they persuade people to embrace mass ecumenical ism across all theological lines.
    The enemies of the movement are those who will not abandon the biblical gospel.
    They are absolutely not ushering in the kingdom of God rather they are foolishly ushering in the kingdom of the antichrist.

  2. Ronda

    This kingdom now stuff is allover here in Southeast side of Chicago and northwest Indiana, It floors me that people that have been in church for a long long time fall for this hog wash or they have no idea what is going on ,its been hard to find a church in my area,

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    70 yrs. ago my grandfather said that the Pope would be the False Prophet. My grandfather had a Jewish ancestry where we had rabbis in our family. They were forced to convert to the R.C. Church or die. They chose to convert, but my grandfather left the R.C. Church and became a Methodist minister for 50 yrs. in L.A., CA. Before people join hands with the Vatican they need to know about the R.C. Inquisition, which lasted 400 yrs. in Europe, S. America and Mexico. Infidels were tortured and burned at the stake or worse. I have seen the instruments of torture in the U.S. and in Spain. Galileo Galalei was put under house arrest the last 8 yrs. of his life due to his scientific writings because he believed the Earth was round. The R.C. Church was going to torture him to get him to recant his scientific findings but because of his advanced age they put him under house arrest.

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