1. Jeffry

    Satan has attempted to mock our All Mighty God from the beginning of time. Recently Catholic Arch Bishop Vigano stated that Abortion and vaccines are Human Sacrifices of Innocent Victims to Satan. Recently President Biden and not so recently Hillary Clinton talked about drinking the blood of Babies. This is a Abomination to Jehovah God!! We find blood sacrifices all through the Bible. Apostate leaders in the Bible honoring their false idols and gods with the blood of children and animals. The world is very close to Judgement. Satan and his demonic forces are on a rampage and will soon have to Deal with The King of Kings and Lord of Lords!!! (1st John 3:11,12) Christians love each other, pray for each other, stand for Christ with each other, preach the Gospel with each other!!! A few verses about The Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Romans 3:25-26 ; 5:9) (Ephesians 2:13) (1st John 1:7) (Revelation 1:5, 5:9, 7:14) .

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    Thank you, Linda Harvey for putting into words what most believers are thinking and feeling. Let us stand up for what is biblical, common sense and godly. Shame on the courts for abandoning morality and letting innocent Americans hang out to dry. I weep for our children.

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