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  1. Diane Wolf

    I have not read this book of Larry Crabb. I am a Roman Catholic, former nun whom has spent some time in a Evangelical Free Church. I also have been attending Founders Week for several years. Jesus called me back to the Catholic Church. I enjoy meditation and Mystics. My patron saint is St. Therese of the Child Jesus. I had taken her name for Confirmation at age 10. I’m 72, and if I was younger, I’d join a Contemplative Carmelite Order. I am becoming a lay Carmelite. The Catholic Church has much richness in it’s !iturgy, and sacraments. Protestants have things to offer also. I Love Jesus dearly, and I am retired and spend a lot of time praying. Yes, I’m Contemplative. I read the Bible, both new and Old Testament.

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