1. Victor

    CW: If by real change you mean widespread cultural one, I’d disagree, apostasy is on the horizon, not revival, but if you mean pulling some out of the fire before the apostasy, then with that I’d agree

  2. CW

    Victor, ITA with you that all the events prophesied in the Bible, all the way through Revelation, will indeed come to pass. At the same time, I do believe there is a crying need for strong, Bible-believing Holy Spirit-filled intercessors, because there is so much deception Everywhere, including churches. I truly believe believers can make a real difference in significant ways. There are a multitude of promises throughout the Bible which show this to be true. Christ Jesus told us to occupy until He comes and taught us to pray (and fast) . God bless you, brother.

  3. T. I. Miller

    Climb to the top of any continental divide you could see it is capped with snow. It looks like a single unit on both sides of the divide. When it melts the opposing sides form rivers flowing in opposite directions. In America everything ends up in the Gulf or in the Pacific thousands of miles apart. One one side are Bible believing Churches and on the other are Bible doubting churches. They can look the same but in the end are not just miles apart they are in conflict. Doubt always creates more doubt. Loosing a little trust in the Bible leads to having no trust in the Bible. This doubt leads to searching in all the wrong places for an alternative belief system. Few things tickle the ears more than the old lie of the new age.

  4. Victor

    You wrote “This Scripture that tackles the issue of pride sharply distinguishes all of man’s religions from Christianity.” I would add “Biblical” before Christianity since we know that JW’s. Mormons, Roman Catholics, etc. claim to be Christian and preach ‘a’ Jesus and ‘a’ cross, but not the biblical one. We also know that the Christian cults like them will come under the spell of AntiChrist, mysticism and universalism as a part of the apostasy. We need prayer and we need the Holy Spirit but we also know this cannot be stopped, it will happen, it is only a matter of when.

  5. Jeffry

    In First Samuel chapter 28 we have the case of a woman with a familiar spirit showing the presence of witchcraft in Palestine at that time when Saul was King in Israel. (New Age teaching is nothing new) The essence of all idolatry is the displacing of God; and where He is ignored, we may be sure that Satan exalts himself in God’s place. Is this not the case of the clash between the New Age Movement and Christianity? Which world are we Christians looking for? King Saul seeked a witch with a familiar spirit. What happen? He was killed not long after asking for help from the witch. Some church leaders today are opening the door to dangerous false teaching that the new agers are using. Is your pastor preaching of the higher self (it’s all about me) or Preaching for all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. We preach Christ and Him Crucified. Repent, for The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Pray for Gospel preaching till He come.

  6. Anna Rosa

    Yes! They are incompatible and mutually exclusive from one another. The cross is the only way.

  7. CW

    From the article: << Certain spiritual practices are becoming entrenched in our churches that, like an iceberg, seem beautiful and impressive on the surface but in reality will cause severe damage and compromise of truth.>> The Lord showed me this iceberg analogy years ago when He was showing me that big changes (not good) were coming in this nation. That was about 25 years ago, and yes, that has definitely come to pass. Christians everywhere need to be interceding by the power of the Holy Spirit. I truly believe this is our only hope. A faithful remnant, no matter how small, can make a real difference. Christ Jesus said that if just two or three believers agree together in prayer, we can have what we’ve asked for (I do believe our prayers must be led by the Holy Spirit, based on God’s own Word). That is a powerful promise, and I hope that believers everywhere are taking it to heart, acting on that Word in faith. The prayers of a righteous man avail much. James 5

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