1. L.W.

    Thank-you Lighthouse Trails for reprinting this excellent article on an important topic. May Larry DeBruyn be resting happily in the holy presence of God!

  2. John J

    There’s nothing as touchy, sincere, and made from pure love than a song to a loved one (a deceased mother; a crippled dad, a brother/sister you miss because they died years ago). I’m a musician and have written songs since the eighties. I don’t do the trances, the strip dance songs, the hip-hop garbage, the oxymoronic “Christian contemporary” noise. When a man sings to his loved one from his heart, I feel it. Not all songs have to be Biblical. Man, surgeons perform miraculous work and only a small portion of them are born-again.
    Please be careful and don’t discard every song as evil rubbish; every song is not evil rubbish. I write secular songs; sure. Do you want to hear anti-biblical, demonic songs? Get a list of any Calvinist/Reformed songbook and enjoy the way that lot misrepresents and chases people away from God.
    A song from the heart always touches me; a sincere way of expressing grief and true emotions. There are jewels of these songs out there; don’t be afraid to listen to them, as you won’t go to hell (as some warn, finger waving).
    God has given us talents? What are yours?

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    Rock music and songs that just repeat the same thing for a long time, like mantras affect the body physically and emotionally, and do not glorify the Lord or impart Biblical knowledge. It glorifies the musicians. Volume and beat (loud drums) can also affect emotions. In pagan cultures drums and mantras are used to induce an altered state of consciousness and trances. Thank you for letting me know about the piano piece Bolero and The Music of the Night.

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