1. Jeffry

    Keep on keeping on Lighthouse. Great article! The New Age arrived in the 1960s. Rock and Roll example: The Rolling Stones song Sympathy For The Devil. Mick Jagger, filled in for Satan in singing for him. He said he was a man of wealth and fame. He said he made Pilate wash his hands at Calvary. He said all cops are criminals and all sinners saints.
    Jagger tells us Satan was rich and powerfull. Jagger tells us Satan was at Calvary. Jagger says cops are sinners and sinners saints. Good is bad and bad is good. Satan not so bad. Brainwashing us for over 50 years. We all need to wake up and pay attention. Read your Bible.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    Dear Heidi,
    Neil T. Anderson helped author the book The Seduction of our Children, protecting kids from Satanism, New Age and the occult in 1991. I have not read this book from 2000. Maybe the Lighthouse Trails editors would know if the 2000 book is o.k.

  3. Jackie

    Witch craft has sneaked into the churches world wide. This paradigm shift will go from bad to worse. And all the modern new world order bibles is one of the biggest lie God’s adversary released into this world.
    But no surprise. It is the falling away the Apostle Paul is talking about this in 2Thessalonians 2: 2-3 and so God will send them strong delusions in verse 11.

  4. M LYTLE

    Neil T. Anderson, Terry E. Zuehlke, Julianne S. Zuehlke, Christ Centered Therapy: The Practical Integration of Theology and Psychology (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House, 2000), p. 61.

  5. Heidi Lavoie

    Dear Editors, have you heard of the movement currently taking place called “Awaken 2020” ? There was a large gathering in Arizona on January 18 of this year. If you do an online search for “Awaken 2020” several items come up from different sources. There are “fasting and prayer manuals” one can obtain from one source, other prayer events from other sources are being outlined and promoted. This appears to be something pertinent for this year that is taking shape. I did a search on your site and found a couple of articles posted in 2008 by Caryl Matrisciana and Kjos Ministries regarding the “Oneness Movement”. There are references here and in other articles you posted in the past, to the planetary awakening of the New Age movement, and it would appear that the thrust of the “church” (largely apostate) is now laying hold of the same concept of new age awakening and pushing it forward on a large scale. Could you investigate further and perhaps cover this topic of awakening and bring it up to date as it pertains to the current efforts being made?

  6. John J

    Yes, Caryl took them on so much that they boycotted her when all of a sudden she exposed them. They?. Calvinists and the like . . . it was priceless to see the truth triumph.

  7. Elizabeth Bennett

    I do miss Ray Yungen and Caryl Matrisciana, but at least we have their writings, which are so valuable in this apostate age. I thank the Lord for those two fighters for the faith. I have their books.

  8. Heidi Lavoie

    I have Ray’s book, A Time of Departing. Its an excellent resource and he had a real gift for writing about the topic of the New Age. This article is excellent.

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