1. charles

    roman cathoic church is a cult the great whore of babylon rev 17 multitudes of so called evangelicals are flocking there in droves.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    The R.C. Church is full of idol worship, beginning with Mary, the mother of Jesus. Besides worshiping Mary, every city and town has its own version of the Virgin (Mary)?, something I have never understood. They insist Mary was always a virgin and never had more children after Jesus, which is not true, since Mary led a normal married life with Joseph after the birth of Jesus and the names of Jesus’ brothers are mentioned in the Bible and his sisters are also mentioned. I know first hand since I have lived in Mexico and Spain.
    Now Joseph Prince on TBN is saying that a miracle happens when we observe Communion, that we receive supernatural power. The Bible does not say that. We are to observe Communion in remembrance of what Jesus did on the cross for us, His shed blood and broken body.

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