1. Leigh

    John the Baptist was homeless, living in the wilderness surviving on locusts and honey. It’s often those who no one sees or hears much of who hold the truth.

  2. Leigh

    Yep. Just listen to Franklin Graham supporting and promoting Paula White and encouraging believers to buy her books!

  3. Leigh

    Sadly, very true, Marta. Extremely hard to find anyone in the church today who even get this, let alone call it out.

  4. Marta

    Thanks for the sweet truth. Few believers
    ( and NONE in our circle) will even read
    this and discuss it’s truth.
    Wide is the gate many will enter into. and narrow, with few that find it, is the gate to eternal life in Christ

  5. anne

    The church is undergoing more than gnosticism. The fact that preachers quote people who are claiming to be “Seers” and have claimed to have received “divine revelation” from God are not these also gnostics by another name? Watch out who you listen too!

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    It is frustrating that so many of these false teachers can buy so much T.V. air time while true biblical programs are fighting to survive financially. The rich and famous t.v. preachers dominate daily.

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