Really thankful to stumble upon this site as I was seeking out Lectio Divino concerns. But after reading what I suspected already,not to practice,just being introduced to this formula in my new small group,now I’m going to share your article,I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be leaving another church/movement,but not before sharing my reasons or concerns about what they practice. So many churches,movements are fully compromised, communities working together under a deceptive spirituality that’s resembles humanism&embraces all wordiness. Making their gospel man centred and powerless,. Their is a discerning remnant. 🙏I look forward to reading more articles listed here on this site. People are followers of fashion,dark churches,bright lights,sound systems,asthetically pleasing, definitely Satan’s domain,how we can’t help but admire it though,thankfully,I got out,by the grace of God,he woke me up to what was happening,so new age and deceptive,wolves everywhere,seeker sensitive,aimed at the teens big time,they may be easier to impress and indoctrinate with present cultural ideologies that are Not biblical. Come out from among them my people🙏

  2. Buzz

    I do not disagree that the worship in many churches has gone into concert zone but as a drummer anointed by God, Holy Spirit filled and a singer, I know when the Holy Spirit has fallen upon our team, I know it’s our goal and my heart’s desire to not have a “look at me moment” but lead the people into a ” here I am Jesus and I am nothing without you! Thank you!” A place where restoration, healing, intimacy with the Father happens.. What praise and worship should be. Many comments here can make my God given mandate and calling look like I am out if order, and I trust I am being obedient! We can not thrust the pendulum too far!

  3. Judy Cox

    I have found these same things in churches I have visited. I don’t want to sit in the dark while worship service is going on. It’s not really a worship service because I cannot feel the Holy Spirit the music is horrible. People are being so deceived my heart goes out to them I pray for them all the time. I cannot believe our pastors are so blinded but I guess it’s because that’s what they’re taught in Bible schools and seminaries nowadays. I quit attending church 10 years ago

  4. Sharon

    I am a member of the primitive Baptist church. If you had come to my church 20 years ago, or were to come 20 years from now, you would find nothing changed as far as worship goes. Preach (KJV). Pray. Sing(a capella) hymns.

  5. Steve Hesse

    Laodicea means people’s rights or the justice of the people. Another meaning is the church of People’s opinions.

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    I belong to one of the few churches that still has a choir and the congregation sings the old hymns. No praise team, acoustical guitars or drums, just piano and organ. We are not perfect, just simple people who love the Lord and want to worship Him in spirit and in truth. We are not doing Spiritual Formation and do not preach compromise or unity of denominations and religions. Salvation of souls is our pastor’s main goal.

  7. Susie Schlomann

    At least 20 years ago Dean Gotcher and his family took a detour to visit my Concerned Women for America group on Long Island. I am so very appreciative of his continuing work to expose the manipulation of society by those who mean evil. My thanks to Lighthouse Trails!

  8. CW

    Correction: Jim Jones called his fake church ‘the People’s Temple”, but that’s basically the same meaning. It was all about the people, not the Lord. 🙁 I saw a documentary about him recently, which recounted his true belief, which was Socialism (NOT the Gospel of Jesus Christ). Yet his bizarre beliefs and actions have been inaccurately linked with our Lord. 🙁 This is terribly significant now, these days, because Socialism is now Front and Center in politics. Decades before this, men like Jim Wallis (Sojourners) and others were already beginning to promote Socialism In The Guise of promoting Christianity. Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing are Everywhere, and according to God’s Word, this will only increase as we move ever more closely toward the end of the age. With every day that passes, we are that much closer to the events prophesied in Revelation.

  9. CW

    Does anyone else remember that Jim Jones called his church “the People’s Church”? S-C-A-R-Y. Not saying that the same thing would happen to this one (or any others), I pray it won’t. But the bottom line is the same — People deceived by a false shepherd, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  10. CW

    This — <> — reminds me of the prophetic scripture in the NT which warns that people would rather have their ears tickled than hear the truth of God’s Word. So sad! And what Bonnie said, about dark rooms — this struck me some time ago. People now worship in dark rooms where there’s very little light — and what are they really worshipping? I want to worship God (literally) in the light, in a sanctuary where there are windows where the light shines in. It may be a symbolic thing, but I have witnessed the greater spiritual reality of the whole thing Paul Proctor aptly described, and it is a HUGE contrast. “What does light have to do with darkness?”, as it is written in God’s Word. For me this has even more meaning now.

  11. JDV

    “a young singer leading simplistic chants before a confused audience where a music minister used to lead great hymns of worship and praise to God” This; so many songs offered now are immensely simplistic and repetitive to the point of chanting.

  12. Bonnie Cullen

    Makes me very sad to see the entertainment scene going on in so many churches! I don’t want to worship my dear Lord in a dark room with colored lights and a smoke machine. Used to read Paul frequently but then he wasn’t published for years. Good to see some of his articles now. Give us more of his comments! Please! Thank you!

  13. Mat Taos

    This website is to be commended for the efforts in exposing the satanic heresy going on today especially in the Christian Churches. I am wondering this site stance on the rapture. Please let me know if you believe in pretrib midtrib or posttrib, Thanks

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