1. Patrick Weir

    unbelievers love books and films that nurture deception and these have always been around. the problem with the shack was that Christians even gave it a thought. if we are to consider that there is a last days associated with the church, believers should not need my input to see the obvious. unfortunately, the more applicable “obviousness” is how much of what is called christian today is just posing as christian. and they don’t realize it.

  2. Shirley Roy

    I did read The Shack before I knew what it was about. My mom was bedridden and I wanted to read her a Christian book since she was not saved, didn’t know Jesus. I was half through the book and I was grieved, I realized I made a mistake. Mom loved it, I was upset with myself. I tried to tell her the error and tell her about Jesus and Mom said to me, that’s your God not my God, I don’t want to hear about Him. My ancestors were all Mormons and Mormon leaders, she wasn’t even interested in the Book of Mormon a family member gave her. It’s not easy walking with the Jesus in this fallen world.

  3. CW

    Somehow my reply was cut off. My last sentence was typed to say that Young is not a faithful man of God. Just the opposite.

  4. CW

    I did not read Young’s book, but I read a thorough review of it, including copious excerpts and Biblical notes on them all. Two things that stood out to me (among many) were these:

    1) “Father God”, called “Papa”, is actually a black woman. Talk about politically correct! But Biblically false. The Father is not flesh and blood at all, but a Spirit, as Jesus said.

    And then you’ve got the “gender-bending” issue here. Did anyone notice that this book came out at about the time that “gender-bending” was coming to prominence in our secular society? This is No Coincidence. Just part of Satan’s agenda to deceive and destroy people for whom Christ Jesus died.

    2) Young’s sarcastic derision of the Bible as “guilt-edged” pages. Is anyone else here old enough to remember the gilt-edged pages on new Bibles way back in the day? He took off on that in an obvious assault on the value of God’s Word.

    Guilt is man’s natural state because “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” (Isaiah 53:6) Even if a person never read the Bible, his guilt would remain as long as he did not cry out to the Savior for forgiveness of sins.

    The rest of Isaiah 53:6 says that our Savior took our iniquity upon Him. This is why and how we can be saved if we come to Him with humble, contrite hearts, trusting in His love and grace alone.

    These two issues alone (there are others) reveal Young’s heart and state of mind to me. He is not a faithful man of…

  5. CW

    Adding to your and John’s lists — the very worst song ever written (IMO) — Imagine, by John Lennon. Which is obviously not “just a song” since so many people and groups (including the Olympic pre- and post-events) have adopted it as their “anthem”.

    Substituting the devil’s lies for God’s Word, and zillions of people have been / are being deceived.

    Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Maranatha!

  6. GJ

    Every “thing” is one… and if one disagrees, they’re treated like “trash” by the “black lives deceived terrorism” movement, unconstitutional mask muzzles killing our breath (life… spirit), cold-hearted inspired social distancing (I mean distrust), and imprisonment and destruction by heavy handed totalitarian “lock downs”. But, if I have this view, I’m an enemy of… “everything is one”… and then get dealt a heavy hand of rebuke dishonoring the ability to choose as “male and female created in the image of God”. I guess it’s tolerance for all…except… for those that disagree.

    Underneath the hood of “man is his own god” is the hatred and intent for destruction of… man. Only the God of Israel shows us this… not idols.

  7. John J

    “The Shack” is just a poorly written book/movie. Sure.

    AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” (about an Irish/Gaulish goddess) are just poorly written songs. Sure.
    Oh, and don’t forget that very eerie lot, the Eagles, and their ‘Witchy Woman.” Just a song.

    And herein lies the danger that so many get themselves entangled in . . . “It’s just a …’

    Satan doesn’t make ‘justas’; he makes plans in secret and executes in full view. And then a friend goes and buys “Witchy Woman” because, hey, dude, have you heard them on that (dark side) inspired “Hotel California”?
    It’s just a song.

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