1. S. Abraham

    Jesus Christ came to set up the Kingdom of God which is not of this world. This should be the cause for Christians.

  2. :MV

    Posted at All Israel News:
    A group of Christian and Messianic faith leaders in Israel has called for three days of repentance, fasting and prayer for the nation this week, beginning Sunday, Feb. 25. . . .

    The leaders acknowledged that they had failed to make a unifying call for God’s mercy on the nation and to ask for forgiveness of sins.

    They declared that the believers in Israel must themselves begin to humble their hearts before God.

    Psalm 146

  3. Sharon,
    If the journalist of the news article we posted is defending George Soros, LT certainly doesn’t and never has. But we post news articles from various sources to help keep our readers informed on different topics as we always have. Regarding the statement in the article about Soros, it says:
    “The Georgia Republican also has spoken at far-right political conferences and falsely claimed that liberal financier George Soros, a Hungarian Holocaust survivor, was a Nazi sympathizer. Soros, Greene stated, “turned in his own people over to the Nazis” and is a ‘Nazi himself trying to continue what was not finished.'”

    Even though Soros cannot be praised and has financed and supported some very terrible things is it possible the journalist is correct in this statement? Sharon, you mentioned having some documentation about Soros, can you please provide the link? We did check Rebel website and cannot find such an interview. While it’s vital to report on the evils going on around the world. LT has always made sure we had solid documentation before making accusations. Soros was 9 when the war broke out (born in 1930) and 14 when the war ended. There is an article on Newsweek that talks about the accusation that Soros was a Nazi sympathizer: https://www.newsweek.com/fact-check-did-george-soros-help-nazis-confiscate-jewish-property-1801194. Now we don’t trust much of mainstream media (of more recent years, most of it), but this Newsweek article does discuss what seems to be a fairly recent accusation of Soros being a Nazi sympathizer.

    The problem with false accusations is that it discredits those making them. Perhaps they just got their facts wrong, or perhaps they just wanted something more sensational to report on. Either way, a good journalist will make sure he or she has solid documentation because such serious accusations. It’s not only unethical to make false accusations about someone, it’s also illegal. As for George Soros, there are plenty of legitimate facts that can be proven and discussed about him that are extremely troubling without adding things that might not be true.

    Also Sharon, we don’t want to miss the point of what this article from JNS was making – that there are some “right-wing” personalities who are also antisemitic. Just because such personalities are “conservative” in some areas does not mean they should not be called out if they are promoting something as evil as antisemitism.

  4. Sharon Foreman

    Oh my! Do I understand this author is defending George Soros??? Contact Rebel News in Canada for the interview in which he says it was the best time of his life when he betrayed Jewish people during the war as a teenager. He and his father made money by doing so! In our own times, George Soros has been using his money to further global entities, influence elections, is obviously against freedom! Please think again!!!

  5. Lori G

    I have seen this too. It is what is written about in the bible. The Time of Jacob’s Trouble is coming, but he will be saved from it. As individuals we must help the Jews; there is no political party that will save them.

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