1. Maricica S.

    I investigated AA, I read their “Big Book” then attended about a dozen open meetings. I never did introduce myself by saying, ‘Im Maricica and I’m an alcoholic”. I have no drink problem yet I had to explain myself as to why I was in attendance however. It was quite awkward but I managed, even though the meeting is an open meeting. I listened for anyone speaking of God specifically and I heard of the God they call on when theyre in jail presumably praying to get out of jail but apart from that I saw no devotion to this AA god or the God of Israel. I took special notice if anybody was doing the 12 steps but none apparently we’re or these steps were just vaguely referenced. I saw people just attending meetings and talking about whatever was in their mind.

  2. Brian Hollander

    I have been a believer in Christ for for my 51 years of life. It was “Christians and religion “ that I could not find or surrender my life. It kept me away from A.A. my life was faith without works. Being forced by the “ courts” God to attend AA. Practical application of biblical principles are practiced. God is the author and finisher of our faith. Without Christ I have nothing. I have found Christ through AA. He has used AA to share His name and my faith with many. Thank you for your informing article. I am more convinced to share my faith. In Jesus’s name. By no other name shall we’ve saved. God bless😘

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