1. T. I. Miller

    perhaps the old saying, On the essentials unity on the nonessential liberty in all things love, is dangerously naive. In fact it may be the biggest most dangerous lie ever told. Leaven, infection or virus all always in the end, corrupts the host. In Galatians Paul publicly thrashed Peter over Kosher food for that very reason. The fall of man wasn’t incremental. Eves one tiny bite and Adams non judgmental appeasing tolerance was their undoing.

  2. Jeffry

    America seems to have “hit the iceberg right ahead “. This Presidential election crisis is now a monster. It seems two different New World Orders are trying to make our choice for President. The mainstream media is saying “no voter fraud at all and President Trump is saying voter fraud is staggering. This is very disturbing. If fraud is true The Trump-Pence ticket will win because “Fraud Vitiates Everything “ .It means the Biden-Harris team must forfeit their candidacy to stand as a result of committing a staggering amount of voter fraud and election theft with intention and/or knowledge of to commit wrong doing. What a mess this is! Either way this will cause chaos that our country has never seen. Politics has become so corrupt it is pulling our nation into Civil War and destruction. What is Truth? Pray for our country. I am sure Satan wants America distroyed.

  3. Jeffry

    “Iceberg right ahead” sadly, many assemblies gatherings are Apostate churches that have hit the iceberg and are going down. Spiritual Deception is leading them to the “Perfect Storm” of Destruction. A Pastor of a Church is telling his congregation that he and his wife are speaking to their dead son. How? Who is their mediator? The problem is that too many people do not read Gods Holy Word. Yesterday was Veterans Day. God Bless every man and woman who helped keep Americans safe. Has America also hit the iceberg right ahead? The 1st World War has been called The first Christian Holocaust. In 1916, 1.2 million British, French and German soldiers died or maimed in the Battle of the Somme alone. Former Secretary of State for some past Presidents Henry Kissinger said “military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy”. Sadly, how many Americans died in wars? This is sick! Who controls our Government? The New World Order is about replacing the Rule of God with the Rule of Satan. President Trump is trying right now to bring back American Military troops from foreign countries. Why? To help protect our country from a Communist take over? Pray for our President that the Lord will give him wisdom in these dark days. Christians pray. Even so, Come Lord Jesus.

  4. Pratha Scullion

    Just as the Titanic raced toward the iceberg,so too is today’s church racing toward disaster.The sad part? Just as the Titanic didn’t know it was going to hit an iceberg{until it was too late},the modern-day church won’t know when disaster strikes it.

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    I have heard also that the engineer of the Titanic boasted that not even God Himself could sink the Titanic. We cannot shake our fist at God and defy Him. There are dire consequences.

  6. David

    The “beast” is already here waiting to rise out of the chaos that is before us. While the professing church with its “prophets” proclaim another Jesus, another gospel and another spirit they are preparing the way for the Antichrist and his kingdom. This world and this nation are headed for a terrible “iceberg”, it’s called the tribulation. All born again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ need to stand steadfast in the faith, proclaim the truth and not look back! The word of God says to look up because our redemption is on the way. Jesus is our redemption! Even so come Lord Jesus.

  7. Sandra Lee Smith

    Today’s churches, by and large, seem to be their own worst deceivers. Pastors, and other church leaders unwilling to confront sinful behaviors, especially those that are on-going, within their congregations, more concerned, it seems, about the rolls and collection plates, than spiritual welfare of their flocks. Jesus was our Role Model; He never brought those behaving in unrepentant sin into the place where He was living and meeting with His disciples; rather He met and ministered to those outside the body, only bringing them in when repentance and redemption had begun, at least. “A little leaven leaveneth the whole (batch)”. So too, a little sin infects the whole body; it’s highly contagious, and masks and social distancing are as useless as for a virus.

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