1. T. I. Miller

    Jesus full of grace and truth lived and spoke both 100%. Being grace and love incarnate He never refrained from speaking truth to spare anyone’s feelings. to many pulpits speak a false humanist gospel. Those who are forgiven much love much. Those who never realize they are desperately wicked repent little and love little. Yes He first loved us but He is not a God who desperately grovels for love from the created.
    The Kingdom of God created the church. The church did not has not and can not create the Kingdom.
    The world’s hatred for Jesus and his church increases daily.

  2. Jeffry

    Dear Christians pray for his family and help from our Heavenly Father. We live in dangerous times. Preach the Gospel! Be careful were you go. Corruption and violence as in the days of Noah are here. If you are not saved, trust the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior now, today, do not put it off another moment. Do not be Late!!!

  3. Jeffry

    Many good points Brother. For the last 4 years President Trump has been attacked with lies from our Government, the media, Big Tech, pharmaceutical companies, Congress that includes RINOS, and the court system to name a few. Corruption at every turn. All Christians need to pray for our country. Kindly tell the world what our Lord Jesus Christ stands for, represents and has taught. To confess Christ before men with the help of The Holy Spirit in us. Who will guide every word we say if we let Him. Put on the armor of God. Study and pray that we all tell this lost world about the Love of God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. May we fear nothing else.

  4. Goel

    I fear God above everything and everyone else. Man can kill my body but he has no control where my soul goes; however, God has the ultimate say in where my soul will have its final resting place.
    The lie will be facing us sooner rather than later. With Agenda 21 now upon us, new mandates will force many to make their ultimate confession: New Age or Jesus Christ? I’ve already drawn my line in the sand. I will continue to pray to Lord Jesus Christ to give me the strength “to stand against the schemes of the devil” by equipping me with “the whole armor of God” (Ephesians 6:11 ESV).

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