1. T. I. Miller

    Our God remains the same, He is immutable. His Holy nature wrote the Law of Moses. Look at this a righteous principle for all time for all people. Lev. 5:1 When anyone covers up a sin God imputes the guilt of that sin upon them. Every Catholic that covered up the sin of molestation is therefore guilty, in God’s eyes, of the sin of molestation. 1 John 1:9 is a confession straight to God through Christ alone, not through a fallen human mediator.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    This horrific abuse by R.C. priests has been going on for hundreds of yrs., and this church has always covered up these abuses and crimes. Even now the Pope refuses to follow the guidelines that were formed by a special task force on abuse by priests. Victims are finding no help from the Vatican. This abuse started when the R.C. church insisted that the priests not marry. The first R.C. priests were allowed to marry. As long as priests are forbidden to marry this abuse will continue. These priests need to go to jail. We need to protect our children and young adults from these predators. As a result of R.C. policies many lives are ruined or lost (suicide). My heart goes out to the victims!

  3. charles

    whore of babylon rev 17 when will the so called bible believing churches wake up and speak out against this cult, the reason being is they are apostate themselves

  4. Margery Zeller

    I’m getting an error message that the link to the entire can’t be open because of a content blocker. Anyone else having this problem?

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