“‘This Is the Gate of Hell’: Israeli Forensic Team Shows Media Bodies of Hundreds of Hamas Terror Victims”

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LTRP Note: The following news clip is posted for informational purposes. Also below this news clip are two related YouTube videos from two difference sources that Lighthouse Trails is posting for further informational purposes. In both the news story and the first video, there is some extremely disturbing and graphic details. We are not posting it to be sensational but rather to bring light to areas the media and others would like to keep in the dark.

By Joel B. Polak
Breitbart News

SHURA MILITARY BASE, Ramle, Israel — “This is the gate of hell.” That is how Gilat Bahat, an officer in the Israeli Police, describes the effort to identify the victims of the October 7 attack by the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

Israeli authorities brought the foreign press to this site to share the horror of what happened to innocent civilians — and to make sure there is never any doubt, never any attempt to deny it, or to excuse it.

Of the more than 1,400 people murdered, 784 bodies have been delivered to this site, in refrigerated trucks. The bodies are already bagged by first responders; the forensic investigators then have to open the bags to identify the victims.

They dread the moment. Click here to continue reading.

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  1. Frank Schlernitzauer

    Prophetically speaking He is not coming first but rather the antichrist (Rev 6:2 kjv), he will make a covenant of peace between Israel and world, Daniel says of him, by peace he will destroy many.
    In Matthew 24:29-31 we are told what takes place immediately after tribulation of those days when the SOn of man comes in clouds of heaven and whole world sees Him and MOURNS while trumpet sounds and His elect are gathered.

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