1. Jeffry

    To Gotherefore, you had many good points in your comments. Affirmative Action did not help most black Americans. I mentioned former President Obama who chose Eric Holder as the first Black Attorney General in America. Both Obama and Holder have Communist ties. Sadly, former President Johnson knew of the plot to kill President Kennedy. Many black families trusted the Democratic leaders of our country to help them. Sadly most of the money went into the leaders’ own pockets. I met many black Christians years ago where I worked who loved the Lord Jesus Christ. Again, sadly, many families in poor inner-cities have been hurt by politicians, fathers leaving homes, churches that do not preach the Gospel, Satan and a younger generation that seems confused and frustrated about everything. I do not blame them.

  2. CW

    I have known about Thomas Sowell for years, have greatly enjoyed his columns and his books.

    He retired a few years ago, but then I saw him a couple of weeks ago on FN being interviewed by Mark Levin. What a blessing that was!

  3. Gotherefore

    Critical race ” theory”
    By its description is a theory and not TRUTH. AND its authors know perfectly well that it won’t succeed Unless Whites get on board with its insanity. As they are the majority.

  4. Gotherefore

    Some who you mentioned are evil men regardless of how they succeeded.
    Great men like Thomas Sowell have been dowplayed because they were not for this affirmative action. As a matter of fact they have spoke out against it. As it only creates more racial tension. Blacks were much better off before the cultural revolution of the 60’s because black men were in the home and black families went to church . After the Sociolist/ Communist took over the black home making the state welfare syatem their Daddy and All in All, Black families have gone downhill from there. Welfare generationally is a blot on humanity if sanctioned by the state. The people of God have historically been the charitable givers to humanity, whilst living and spreading the WORD of God. Now most churches are part of the state( 5013c) and are not sound teachers but are in lockstep knowingly or uknowingly. They preach a sociolist/ communist mancentered go spell.
    It has no value but to be thrown out and treaded underfoot by man… And therfore it is.

  5. CW

    This “woke” generation is actually sound asleep — dead in their sins, as God’s Word says about everyone who has not been born again into the kingdom of God. They need Him desperately, and our nation needs His mercy desperately.

  6. Jeffry

    This new “Woke Religion” / “ new Civic Religion “ is Marxism being taught by Satanists. The BLM is seeing many young white people join in the protests. They have been taught that they are part of the “white privilege” that is Racist by birth. They seem to have a”victim mentality”, self hate. Some say they tried Christianity but it did not work for them. Very sad. “Systematic Racism” is a lie right out of Hell. All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. All people born have the same DNA. Our bodies are the same. We all bleed red. Racists are found in all colors of people because of SIN. I have asked people in their 20’s or 30’s if they knew what “Affirmative Action “was, none of them had an answer. How sad is this? On March 6, 1961 President John Kennedy signed Executive Order 10925 to start “Affirmative Action” to help Black Americans get into colleges, to help them get jobs and for them to be treated fairly. Sadly President Kennedy, his brother Robert and Martin Luther King we’re murdered by hateful people. Thankfully In 1964 President Lyndon Johnson signed another Executive Order to keep “Affirmative Action going. The first Black Attorney General of America Eric Holder JR. under President Obama was from this program. Young people in our Country need the Gospel to be preached now. I wonder sometimes how many people in America have heard the Bible’s Gospel from all of these Apostate churches? Pray for our Country and the world. The spiritual war. continues.

  7. Elizabeth Bennett

    Even a priest in N.Y. preached a critical race theory sermon, enraging my Catholic neighbor.

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