1. admin

    Joseph, you should be able to get an original edition from Amazon. Unfortunately, Thomas Nelson kept the same ISBN throughout all their changes so this is very confusing for people.

  2. Joseph

    I’ve attempted to acquire an edition of the first copy but have come up empty handed. No one believes me it exists and I’m attempting to track down a copy to show them the intro and why I do not recommend the book. I used the isbn above for the first print but I keep getting the scrubbed version with the exact same isbn on the back cover. Any help would be appreciated. They don’t believe the articles I’ve pointed them to so I’m attempting to point them to the genuine artifact of the Jesus Calling franchise. Thanks again!

  3. Gloria Todd

    Thank you for this insightful article. Friends have given me several “Jesus Calling” books and I cannot read them. I have also read God Calling and was horrified buy its New Age content. I do not feel comfortable reading words that Jesus did not actually say, but are made up by a person, as though Jesus, himself, actually said them. No one can quote Christ directly, except through the Holy Bible. We need to be very spiritually discerning!

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