1. Irene J Deely

    I read this timely article with great personal interest. Having left a church led by spiritually abusive leaders and deceptive doctrines, I am now engaged in trying to help others who have left not to fall into other’s false teachings. Unfortunately, it’s as if they’ve lost their ability to think. One woman now believes the earth is flat and there was a concerted effort to distort the truth and hide God’s name by the scholars and linguists who gave us the King James Bible.

  2. Tim

    Yes the Bible states the time will come when sound doctrine will no longer be heeded and be given over to seducing spirits Timothy

    And Paul also said if the future I grieve when I die ravenous wolves will come and overtake the flock !

    And they sure have !

  3. Joy

    Easy to see this here with the ludicrous assertion, for example, that biological men can give birth, menstruate. The acceptance of these things shows people are believing whatever they hear. This is frightening. I fear for our country and our children. It is an evil that wants to dominate in order to destroy us.

  4. Maggie

    This article resonates with me. I have found your
    website again recently and it has helped me to see
    some deception that I allowed myself to come under.
    It is easier to be deceived than I realized as our family
    had already been involved in a church and left because of the false teaching. Deception comes in different
    forms and sometimes is very subtle. We need to
    be alert in prayer and abiding in the Word. Thank you
    and God bless you as God is using you.

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