1. T. I. Miller

    It has recently occurred to me that there are 2 extremes of “ear tickling”. The “active” form is all too obvious. A sizable percentage can see right through them. The “passive” form is not as obvious. Every Sunday the pastor gives straight up exegetical teaching. They will boldly proclaim the gospel. They will not, however, always boldly defend it. They will not expose the false teaching/teachers. I think of the Law of Moses. Those who knew of a sin yet remained silent became guilty of the very sin they covered up, Lev. 5:1. They claim that Jesus is their role model. Yet Jesus boldly declared the truth to His detractors and to His followers. He lost the majority of His followers with one sermon, John 6: 53-57.

    Yes Jesus prayed for unity for the Church universal in John 17, yet He Himself never hesitated to speak the truth to everyone.

    To put it crudely, what good is to fill the pews yet lose some of them to apostasy? i would wager that these passive ear ticklers will not hear Jesus say, “well done”, concerning this topic, for they have refused to do the Father’s will Matt 7. 21-23.

  2. Lynne

    I had the same situation happen to me. A bible study teacher was talking about different bibles and mentioned the Message bible. I said to this group of people that a person need be aware that it is Not a good bible. This teacher would not listen and just stated that it is a paraphrased bible version. I then did my homework and wrote down the many reasons why this bible is so harmful. This teacher would not look at my research and was very harsh with me. I warned him but he just would not receive the truth.

  3. T. I. Miller

    ” unwilling to deal with the uncomfortable”,
    That sums up far to many shepherds and not just shepherds.
    Speaking with a well studied brother about the Message so called bible intentionally promoting the new age. He automatically dismissed me. i informed him of several problems. Lord is in 7970 verses in the KJ and my concordance. It is mentioned 70 times in the Message.
    He just did not want to accept the possibility that so many could be so wrong.

  4. Crystal, UK

    Glad you found somewhere! Praise God and may you be blessed as you honour His priceless Name. 🙂

  5. Sharon Mckenzie Benjamin

    Hello, my husband and I left my church of 39 years a year ago because our new pastor brought in Bethel Redding supernatural school of ministry. It took about five months to find new church.

  6. Crystal, UK

    Absolutely with you Kevin. I enjoyed your book btw. I have left my church after 22 years. I was always so afraid to raise concerns for fear of seeming critical, complaining, lacking in submission etc. Makes me so sad because I feel the sheep are not being properly equipped. I had no choice in the end. I experienced a sort of liberation though strangely. Bless you for making these things known in these troubling times. Much needed, much appreciated! 🙂

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