TODAY ON OPRAH: New Age Author – Christiane Northrup

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Correction: The correct spelling of Dr. Northrup’s first name is Christiane.

Today, July 16th, Dr. Christiane Northrup will be a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Northrup is the author of several books, including The Wisdom of Menopause (a New York Times best seller). Viewers may not be aware that Northrup is a proponent of New Age spirituality. On her website, under Health and Energy Centers, she lists the seven chakra energy centers that New Agers believe inhabit the body. The chakras are the basis for Hindu energy healing such as Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, the Oneness Blessing, etc. The seventh chakra is said to be the one that connects one to his or her Divinity.

Northrup’s print newsletter is published by Hay House, a New Age publishing house that publishes some of the top New Age/New Spirituality authors today including Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Suze Orman, and many others. Hay House is one of “the fastest-growing self-help and transformational publishers in the world” today.1

Interestingly, on Christiane Northrup’s website, she lists her “Credentials,” one of which includes Bernie Siegel, where Northrup shared the presidency of the American Holistic Medical Association with Siegel for two years. In Warren Smith’s critique of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life (where Rick Warren referenced Siegel favorably), Smith says of Siegel:

Siegel has become a leading New Age author and spokesperson. Providing “hope” by fusing modern day medicine with New Age teachings and practices, Siegel has introduced New Age concepts into the professional medical community and to cancer patients everywhere…. In his books and workshops he encourages people to do guided meditations and visualizations–just as he once did–to initiate contact with their own personal spirit guides.(from Deceived on Purpose , chapter 5)

Essentially, Christiane Northrup is on the same page spiritually as Bernie Siegel.

Furthermore, many Christian women buy Northrup’s books because they see her title “Doctor” and the word “menopause” and think they are getting something scientific. But even in her book, there is a chapter on spirituality which identifies the New Age concept of the higher self as being the spirituality to alleviate menopausal anxiety.

On Northrup’s site, she also lists her “Favorite Charities.” One of these is the Girl Scouts of the USA (please see our recent article, The New Age Comes to the Girl Scouts).

While chakras, Bernie Siegel, Hay House, and the New Age may not be mentioned in today’s Oprah Show, viewers will be given a green light to Christiane Northrup, and thus to a spirituality that rejects the gospel of Jesus Christ and teaches that man is divine. Once again, Oprah is shown to be evangelizing for the New Age movement.

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