1. Sharon Pledger

    Dear LHT & Anna:

    Yes, Anna your note here is almost a prophetic one and very on target.

    I just wanted to point out that you folks have been sooooo helpful in helping me understand all that I have been researching for a number of years now…and I no longer feel like I’m the only one that sees these things…as at times it has been a very lonely journey filled with so much repentance for the things I have taught others in the past…especially to children.

    During my research I have come to know that NICK HALL that put this TOGETHER RESET movement in motion has for years been a youth leader with The Billy Graham Association…especially Youth for Christ…and even had meet with BG to tell him about the event before he passed away.

    I can’t tell you how heartbroken I have been to find out from Dave Hunt’s books how EMERGING the BGA really is…plus seeing first hand in my own related ministry work experience many unsettling things.

    Please don’t just believe what I have typed here but do your own research…as the days are short and our redemption drawth near…

  2. Anna Rosa

    Wow! 1. You can’t move closer to Jesus and the world at the same time! 2. That unity siren is getting louder… and of course it is unity with apostasy. 3. You can’t ‘schedule’ a revival! But you can schedule a Golden Calf festival, which is what these things amount to. 4. You can’t have salvation without doctrine because you can’t have the gospel without doctrine. It’s not unity at the expense of doctrine and truth, but doctrine and truth at the expense of unity… because… true unity is unity around truth. And truth divides us from error. Yes, it is indeed more of the same which I believe will culminate in the final ‘revival’ Golden Calf Festival of all religions under antichrist, not to mention denominations, all at such a staged event complete with concert and famous speakers, most likely the pope himself as the main idol.

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