1. CW

    It occurred to me after I posted about this earlier, is the NEA wanting to work itself out of a job? Killing children could do just that. It is chilling to me to think that teachers who purportedly love children and care about their education could support killing babies in the womb! Oh the irony.

  2. CW

    Bill, I hope you see this, for I know this is not a current topic/thread now. In my state there is a conservative, much more Biblical alternative for teachers who have conscientious objections to the NEA. I don’t if this is true in every state, but I hope it is.

  3. Bill

    It’ll be interesting to see if, and how many Christian teachers quit the NEA. I’m not holding my breath

  4. CW

    AMEN, John J! I have carried babies in my womb, and I know this is truth! I’ve been saying this for years to anyone who would listen — the baby is a separate human being, with his or her own blood type, fingerprints, DNA, everything. If the babies were just part of their mothers’ bodies, they’d all be girls!

    It just goes to show that people can be willfully ignorant when they choose to be. HOW ironic it is that these “teachers” (indoctrinators is what they are trained to be) tout “science” as their reason for believing in evolution, but completely ignore the purely biological FACTS about the babies in the womb which have nothing to do with faith. The evidence is there for anyone who wants to see it — especially since the advent of ultrasound.

  5. T. I. Miller

    Unions are a monopoly. They behave no different than any corporate monopoly. They covet their monopoly advantage more than they care about either America or care about educating kids.
    They send kids to college with a 7’th grade education and 12 year degree. This makes their failure at college all but inevitable. They have sold their soul to the political party that celebrates death. Death by abortion for the young, death by drugs and gang violence for the teens and euthanasia for the elderly. Oh how they twist the language to bestow moral self exaltation upon themselves.

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    I dropped out of the teachers’ unions many yrs. ago due to their liberal policies that went against my biblical upbringing. It is shameful what the unions have become. Teachers of all people should be protecting the life of the unborn and the born. God will judge all people and nations that kill innocent babies. America will be judged for its holocaust of the most defenseless humans.

  7. John J

    Do these women/teachers realize the body (human life) growing inside of them is a person on his/her own? It’s not “part” of your body…that’s a fallacy and illogical reasoning.

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