1. Paser

    Hi! I am facing the same issue with my daughter, I wish you to be strong and pull through all of this. I am seeing the facts about the recent boom in transgender transitioning among teenage girls, since 2015 the number of them grows from 0.03% to 2%, this is insane. The girls are being brainwashed by social media, telling them that the problems they have in puberty are caused by them being transgender and need to transition. The doctors are forced to comply by legal regulations, everyone is forced to shut up about this madness going on. I think that the only option here is to publicly expose the information on those who support this transgender craze and who is personally responsible for making it happening, like this judge who continues to press for it in your case, along with the names of all doctors who certified that, and the organizations they work for, so people know whom to avoid. I found that the people who take a part of making the decisions to support somebody’s transgender crossover are generally lacking education and not so strong on being intelligent either, they are not even medical professionals. I see the case where talk therapists – which are not medical professionals – are feeling free to diagnose children with “gender dysphoria”. They do not even bother to consider any other causes to cause a teenager to feel a dysphoria during puberty – and there are plenty of other reasons for that, we all went through it, and it was hard! Their main argument is that…

  2. Sandra Lee Smith

    As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, which is what’s being inflicted upon these children, especially, my heart goes out to them, because I know, all too well, the “life sentence” they will endure, for the sins of others. It took me 6 decades to fully understand how free will works, and why God allows such horrors to be inflicted on innocent children, who do not have the power to resist it. I also know He doesn’t always opt to erase the pain & horror of the abuse from its victims minds & souls, even when they are saved.
    Normally, I don’t wish harm to others, but, in this instance, I truly pray God has a special place in hell for those unrepentant abusers of children. No child “deserves” such abuse!

  3. John J

    I have said it previously. Canada is an embarrassment on every level, and it starts with their PM. Humanism is a cancer. Everyone involved in this scandal should be ashamed of him/herself, but arrogance rules in the land of fools.

  4. Jeffry

    Is this Transgender Madness part of the worlds “New Normal” we hear about? Add to this a new one world government, a corrupt school system, a satanic government, a corrupt medical system, cultural Marxism, Antifa thugs, the B.L.M.,the destruction of The Nuclear Family,the elimination of Christianity. Satan is on a warpath. He hates Christ and His Church. All Christians need to pray for each other. Gather together and pray for our children, country, the world and pastors that will teach the truth of The gospel to save souls while we still have time! We look not for signs and wonders. We look for the One who loves us and washed away our sins with His own Blood!!!

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