1. kat

    Yes , I love the song ” What a friend we have in Jesus ”
    On Christ the solid rock I stand, all else is sinking sand , all else is sinking sand. Praise God , He alone is so worthy to be praised

  2. kat

    Amen Joan ! The churches are full of so very many false teachings , they follow their Pastors instead of following God and His Word . Contemplative prayer , Mysticism, purpose – driven teachings that have flooded the churches and so many people have been falling for it all ,,, hook , line and sinker. All the books, booklets and articles that LT has been sounded out the warnings for years. We are surely living in these last days before the rapture , things have accelerated so fast ! I’m praying for all the lost and for the Christians that have been deceived also. Thank God that He has taken the spiritual blinders off of some but many more to wake up . Jesus is coming very soon . Keep looking up and again God bless you all at LT

  3. Joan Janet Segar

    So very true, and so much apostasy being told in churches. G-d says the pulpits will get double punishment, but on they go. He tells us to trust HIM alone. My dad loved the song what a friend we have in Jesus. awesome. another thing, people need to realize that He is coming very soon for HIS Church who is true, There are so many carnal teaching around, false teaching. most wont listen. so we pray and reach out. Timothy says, tell them three times and if they wont listen, from such turn away. When the rich man asked Jesus, what must I do to be saved. Jesus knew his heart was in riches , so HE told the man , give all you have away, and follow ME. but the rich man just wouldn’t. Jesus did not chase him or pled. It is a choice , free to al who will believe. and Jesus said, pick up your cross and fallow ME . we can’t serve two masters, and we are not to worry about who can kill our body, but who can kill our soul. unrepentant sin is unforgiven sin. I pray we keep praying and reaching out to the lost, have mercy. G-d bless all of you, Rev one says, come up here. the rapture is near, closer than you think. precious L-rd G-d who says, I am ;your lord your G-d and I AM the WORD. lst chapter He says, I am the light of Prophecy, amen

  4. kat

    Excellent article ! No matter what is going on in the world. Coronavirus , etc, we have to trust in the Lord.
    Proverbs 3: 5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding : in all your ways acknowledge Him , and He shall direct your paths
    God bless you all !
    Maranatha !

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