1. Lynne

    Thank you Jeffrey. It was very encouraging to read your testimony today. I agree we are seeing the perilous times the Bible talks about. I think the words “fear not” are written over 300 times in the Bible. I remind myself often that we are not to fear. Yes, praying for this election is so important. Everyday I think about the fact that we are one day closer to seeing His face and living eternally with the Lord. I so agree with you Jeffrey that Today is the day of salvation. All praise, honor, and love to our Savior Jesus Christ!

  2. Jeffry

    Wonderful Article and comments by Lynne. I remember the moment I became a “Born Again” Christian. I finally realized I was a sinner on my way to Hell. I realized I could not do anything to make me right with God. I repented of my sins and cried out to God “Lord be merciful to me a sinner”! That moment in time I became a “Born Again” Christian saved by the finished work on the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I came home from work, found my Bible and read all about Calvary. My wife told our neighbors “all he wants to do is read his Bible! I quit smoking and drinking that day. I remember my day of Salvation like it was yesterday. That is 37 years ago. Friends at work thought I became to religious and tried to avoid me. The Gospel is what they all heard. I thank God every day for saving me. Today is the day of Salvation. Do not put it off. Tomorrow may be to late! Sadly, our Country is seeing Corruption/Deception/Violence that the Bible calls the end times. Pray for this Presidential Election. Our Power is in prayer. The power comes from Heaven. Sinners saved by Grace, gather and pray!

  3. Lynne

    Thank you for this today. This article says what I know to be true. A man must be born again or he will not see the kingdom of heaven. There must be a true repentance for sin. There must be faith in Christ that He paid the ultimate price for our sin on the cross. Sadly many people do not understand this. I know many in churces today do not understand this. I know this because I was one who did not understand. I praise my Savior Jesus Christ that He opened my heart and my mind to see the truth. We must be born again.

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