1. Elene Chase

    The pastors of this age who are still teaching the true gospel also need to be willing to get into their pulpits and name names like the Apostle Paul did — Hymenaeus and Alexander (I Timothy 1:20); Phygelus and Hermogenes, (II Timothy 1:15); Hymenaeus and Philetus (II Timothy 2:17), Demas (II Timothy 4:9)….and even opposed Peter “face to face” (Galatians 2:11)…
    …but first these pastors must also rid their own church libraries of “best sellers” by charlatans and heretics…..

  2. Jeffry

    What has been happening to the “good news” of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ? Evangelicalism today has too many Apostate teachers that are like sharks smelling blood in the water that is sending people to Hell while they become rich and famous. Multitudes of teens and adults that abandon the “faith” of their childhood and head off into the world. Is it a case of our increasingly sinful and oppressive culture producing ever more backslidden Christians? No. Where their is continual, willful, habitual disobedience to God’s word there can be no assurance of Salvation. (1st John:6). (John 8:31). Apostate teachers are selling a diluted, distorted, and damaged GOSPEL!!! These Apostate teachers will be at the Great white Throne Judgement if thy don’t repent and and trust The Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. Pray Christians Pray.

  3. John J

    Indeed, there are more “apostle-and-prophet” franchises than there are Burger King fast-food outlets. With Burger King, one at least knows what one’s going to get as the menu is clear for all to see.

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