1. Elizabeth Bennett

    I pray that the new President of the SBC will reject the Critical Race Theory and concentrate on the Word of God as his foundation for leading. Baptists must not be misled any longer by Spiritual Formation and harmful progressive, liberal practices. We must be a godly people who still read the Bible daily and seek the Lord’s guidance. We must be a good testimony for our children, grandchildren and neighbors. May the Lord guide our new President. Thanks for the update.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    There is a new President of the SBC; I think his name is Stone and is conservative. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  3. Shelia A Lowery

    I am a member of a Southern Baptist church, a born again Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ. I only became aware of the SBC movement toward CRT this past summer. I immediately wanted to know where my pastor stands in this Marxist movement. He is waiting for the next SBC Convention (of course 2020 meeting was cancelled due to covid) wanting to learn more about this church movement and for further floor discussion.

    My church is a large church of over 2,000 on roll. I spoke with a deacon and expressed my deep disappointment over my pastor’s position. He did not present this CRT movement to the church body. They being the administration in my opinion are keeping this quiet.
    After much prayer, my husband and I decided that we could not attend nor give any money that would go to support the SBC.
    We do join our fellow Christian brother and sisters in a Zoom Sunday morning bible class. Most if not all of them are unaware of Critical Race Theory. So many Baptists are blind to what is going on in their own churches. We have shared our strong opposition with an ordained deacon who himself knew nothing about t CRT and Intersectionality poison infiltrating all churches. He was appalled to read our research on this matter and is against CRT however, he continues to attend and is too coward to give his objections to the pastor. I miss the fellowship of worship but in my conscious I can’t sit under this pastor. We hand out your pamphlets to any that is interested…

  4. charley

    these are all apostates . 1st tim 4-1, you will see
    things in the apostate churches you have never
    seen before, the sheep and the goat separation
    is taken place, great deception. matthew 7-15
    wolves in sheep clothing, acts 17-26 and hathmade of one blood all nations of men on the face of the earth.
    its not race its the human heart desperately wicked
    who can know it. jer 17-9

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    I pray that a conservative Biblically-based pastor will be the next President of the SBC and also seminary, not a theologian.

  6. Andy Metz

    Critical Race Theory is Marxist to the core. It is designed to destroy this country, and destroy ANY Church body that embraces. Any church leader that promotes it is a blind shepherd leading the blind. The fruit of it is ALL wrong; burning cities, looting, anger, division, and despising the national symbol.

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