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  1. John J

    I cringe every time I hear the word “partner,” as it has so many synonyms and meanings that one can have hours of fun during lockdown playing the U.N.’ latest clueless game. The U.N. is of no use at all. When I was a journalist in the late 80s, PC just started, and it really has not come a long way; it is struggling and will continue to struggle. The proposed terms are unnatural and abnormal, as just about everything the U.N. pushes in its malevolent agendas. I can’t see that this latest pink rosy push will last, maybe in Canada under Trudeau; how embarrassing.

    Oops, there’s a fire across the street. Let me summon a fireman, no, a firelady; no, a fire person; no, a firefighter. Never mind; too late.

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