1. Jeffry

    I am sorry. My first comment said 14 million abortions in America. I should have said 14 million abortions in the world. Sadly, the number of abortions is horrible.

  2. Jeffry

    May 14, 2020 The Coronavirus has almost killed 90 thousand people in 4 months. The World Health Organisation tells us a second pandemic could shutdown our country again because we have to save more people. Abortions in America thru April of this year have killed over 14 MILLION Babies this year so far!!!!! We live in a country that is just waiting for Judgement. America did not shutdown Abortion clinics during our pandemic even though it was an elective surgery. Our country is facing a Depression that will be the worst we have seen. We wonder how many babies have suffered horribly in this year alone? Shame on us for allowing this to be legal for over 46 years. Pray for all unborn babies.

  3. justsayin

    It’s completely demonic. How is it any different than when child sacrifices were offered to a semetic deity – Molech? Planned Parenthood is a cult, it is a religion based on atheism and hatred of anything that is good. But most of all it is a pariah of darkness and comes from utter hell. It’s a sex religion. It’s devious and cunning and comes from the heart of Satan, and those that are the priest’s, and prophet’s of this religion will be damned.

  4. John J

    Well, if the central nervous system is only partly formed and functional at 24-weeks, the unborn child will feel pain. So, is that what the wise men and women of our time have based their wicked acts on? Pain?

    I see the irony: the abortionists “feel” nothing, and they are supposed to be full-grown, thinking “human” beings.”

    I cannot add anything to their evil way of reasoning; it’s a waste of my time.

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