1. Elizabeth Bennett

    Our church is meeting today in the church parking lot for a radio service, so at least members can wave to each other from their cars. I will spend Mother’s Day alone wondering what I will have for lunch, as many other grandparents will do around the world today because of this unscientific lock-down, with beaches closed and unreasonable rules. Here in CA we are all praying for our freedom from this prison imposed by leftists, but our real freedom is in Christ. Praise the Lord!

  2. CW

    I wonder what Gov. Andy Beshear’s own church (Christian – Disciples of Christ) thinks about his stand? If wonder if his state is like some other states — liquor stores are open while churches aren’t?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t all the governors who are opposing church gatherings which follow social distancing guidelines, Democrats? I haven’t heard of a Republican governor doing this.

    How odd and ironic that Daniel Cameron, his own state AG, had to take this stand. God bless him for that! I don’t doubt that many churches and Christians in KY are very thankful to him, are glad to have him in their state legislature. Cameron is right — such draconian rulings are absolutely unConstitutional.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    The godless left in America are using this pandemic as an excuse to see how far they can go to control law-abiding citizens. This is not about science or common sense, it is about control. My doctor’s appt. was cancelled today because of the Wuhan virus, even though elective surgeries are permitted now in CA. Liberals will keep us on lock-down as long as they can, even though our society, economy and mental health are being destroyed daily. It looks like churches may never reopen, or they are last on the agenda. Grandparents cannot hug or be with their family and friends cannot have lunch together anymore. Sweden never locked down and they have the same statistics that we have, so their economy is intact. I believe the doctors and scientists who advised our Prez were very wrong, as were the incorrect models. But the Lord is still on His throne and He is in control, not our mayors and governors. Hallelujah! Christ is risen! Our church is meeting in our cars this Sunday for Mother’s Day!

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