1. CW

    To be clearer: It is distressing to me that so many *within the church* have turned aside to other gods and are continuing to do so.

  2. CW

    A couple things in the article which are concerning to me: 1) The vote was CLOSE. 2) Since, it was said, foreign Methodist representatives caused the vote to go the right way, what does that say about American Methodists? (not speaking of every single individual, of course, but the majority of representatives at the conference) 3) I too caught that phrase “…against Christian teaching”. It is against Christian teaching because it is against the Word of God! If “Christian teaching” continues to change in many UMC churches, is not based on God’s own Word (and this is happening at lightning speed, sad to say, in this and other denominations too), then this standard will become meaningless. I thank God that He will always have a faithful remnant. It is distressing that so many have turned aside to other gods *within the church* and are continuing to do so.

  3. John

    Elizabeth; sure, I agree . . . it’s actually more than just being against Christian teaching; it’s against God’s very nature and character. Good luck to those who’d like to change what God has not changed (unless He has sent them a confidential heavenly email in which He said it was okay now; that people are right and he, God, has been wrong forever).

    Talking of things African. Well, I’ve read that a huge branch of the reformed “church” (a pseudo and dangerous branch of Christianity, to be honest); in southern parts of that continent is now allowing openly gay pastors/ministers. On one such meeting where this abomination was made official, one of the attendees “broke down” when one such gay pastor was ordained and said he had never felt so gay…and he is straight.
    Dear me, was this guy taken by the moment…or what?

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    United Methodist Church has finally done one thing right! Thanks to the African Methodists who stood up for Biblical values! Let us keep praying that they will choose what God wants.

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