1. David

    Excellent article. The intentional, comprehensive study of God’s Word is replaced by marginally valuable, fun (e.g., the pastor wears a basket ball jersey and bounces the ball around) messages from the pulpit and with life groups. Our church has cancelled all Sunday adult education classes and promoted, instead, life groups. The problem is that there is no intentional roadmap of biblical study leading the believer to maturity and, instead, leaves this critical mandate (the great commission) to the haphazard 3 or 4 life groups (out of more than 40 groups) that are loosely termed “bible studies”. Even if these 3 or 4 life groups were incredibly good, only 30 or 40 of the church’s 1,000 or so adults would be able to benefit from these groups at any one time. As a result, biblical literacy and discernment are at an all-time low across the church. Critical issues, such as those in this article, are never addressed. Dave

  2. Nancy

    This is horrible. I’m not surprised though, because in the Baptist church I attend sometimes, I find out how little people are aware of the creeping in of damnable heresies. They figure if the pastor or preacher is ok with it, then there’s nothing wrong with it.

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